Monday, March 8, 2010

SPORE! + My first creation...

I finally have purchased SPORE on my laptop!

When SPORE came out, I was a bad, bad little teenager, and decided to do what any highschooler with extended knowledge of the internet and only a bit of cash would do...
...I torrented it.

Yes, yes, I committed a no-no. Either way, I haven't done anything like that since I got accepted into University of New Haven.
Unfortunately, the computer that I downloaded SPORE on was a five-year-old Gateway desktop that could barely even play the game on the lowest settings. I obviously wasn't going to bring this enormous piece of junk with me to college, so I never really had a chance to play SPORE again.
I also wasn't going to play a game on an ancient computer when I had already experienced what it's like to play games on... well, a normal computer.

So, I was deprived of SPORE for a while... until I finally decided to buy it!
Let me tell you, buying SPORE was the best decision I've made in a while.
The graphics are great on this computer! I also can't believe how much I missed this game.
Also, because I actually bought it this time, I get to interact with the EA website! The game periodically downloads other people's creations and inserts them into my game so I get a new experience every time.
Not too shabby!

I'll upload screenshots of my creations as I create more... Here is my first species, the Tikkik!

More to come later!

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