Saturday, October 9, 2010

Colonoscopy Time!

This summer I had a colonoscopy, and let me tell you... it's really not as bad as it seems. The procedure itself is easy, you're put under and then you groggily wake up to a nurse urging apple juice and an English muffin on you.
The preparation on the other hand is a pain in the... well, yeah, you get the point.
Basically you drink nothing but 64oz of Gatorade mixed with laxative the day before. It really wouldn't be half as bad if the laxative didn't make the Gatorade taste like salt water. I will NEVER be able to drink Gatorade again...
But anyway, my mom decided to immortalize my plight via my phone's camera.

My "really Mom?" face.

I closed my eyes when she was inserting the IV... trust me, it hurts a lot more when you see what's being done to you.

IV in place... in my arm... Creepy stuff.

I'm sleepy from not eating for the past 24+ hours, and not drinking for the past 6 hours...

Coming out of the anesthesia-induced unconsciousness...  sippin' my apple juice.

All in all, it was an... interesting experience?
It was my first time going under anesthesia, and seriously, it is impossible to stay awake. I just remember having the anesthesia pumped into my IV, looking around, and then WHAM, I wake up in a different room.
The nurses were all very friendly, and they thought I was a riot. I guess they're used to having old grumpy patients with no sense of humor.
They even took a photo of me with the ass camera, and printed it out for me to keep, just for giggles.

The diagnosis was good as far as diagnoses go. I don't have Crohn's Disease, but rather my intestines suffered some sort of infection and was on the mend. (The intestinal pain that made me seek medical attention in the first place was attributed to the infection.) I was told to have more fiber and probiotics, and to take some Pepto Bismol every once in a while to quell the inflammation. All of this would help my intestines out with the healing process.

So yeah, that's my colonoscopy story, haha!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Allie the Lump

Our dog, Allie, always lies down flat when she's exhausted or feeling hot to cool down.
She kind of looks just like a lump, lying there in everyone's way. :P

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunset over Rhode Island

Just thought I would share two photos of a sunset I took on Jennifer's and Domenic's wedding reception. :]
Read more about the wedding here: Celebrations Across the Weekend

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bebe the Kitty

My uncles' cat Bebe rarely emerges from her hiding spot under the bed, but when she does, she's a sweetheart. She's a rescue cat, so she's very distrustful of people invading her home. If you're alone in the room and lure her with a string to play with, she'll come out and act just like a regular cat.
I took these photos last time I visited them in Rhode Island.

Isn't she a sweetie?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Car Wreck

About half a year ago, we were driving to Rhode Island when suddenly we got caught up in traffic. After a while we finally discovered the cause... Everyone was rubber-necking to see a car wreck on the other side of the median.
Well, what else could we do but rubber-neck as well?

I opened the window to take these photos with my cellphone, and you could feel the intense heat even from across the median. The bumper was literally dripping molten plastic or metal... obviously I couldn't tell which, but it looked like liquid fire.
Crazy stuff!

To my knowledge, nobody was hurt. I checked reports of accidents later and there was nothing about any fatalities.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ferret and Bananas

Your argument is invalid, there is a ferret next to these bananas.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I finally have gotten off my lazy butt and am queuing up a series of posts for the next week or so!

I'll begin by saying that the layout changes WILL BE COMING SOON.
I'm going to start working on them possibly next week or so, because the current layout is really starting to bother me. There is way too much empty space and the colors are getting boring.

Also, I made another sale! Thank you so much to Etsy user CharmedAmour for trusting me and my no-feedback status on Etsy!
It's always so hard to make the first few sales, so I very much appreciate the help in getting me out of "no sales, no feedback, newbie" status.
CharmedAmour also has a beautiful Etsy shop full of curious and interesting necklaces! Visit her shop by clicking HERE!

Anyway, keep an eye out for new updates starting tomorrow!