Thursday, May 20, 2010

Freedom of Speech? Yeah, right.

As you may have heard, there is a group on Facebook that has grabbed national attention recently...
This group, called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" prompted Pakistan to ban Facebook until May 31st, and has created a storm of hate in the Islamic world.
What they don't realize is that they are only enforcing the whole point of the group... to show that death threats against cartoonists is simply ridiculous, and free speech is everybody's right.
Sadly, Facebook doesn't seem to agree with some people's free speech...
This includes mine.
And all because I posted THIS:...

Yes, this was the so called "terrible" thing I posted.

Apparently talking about science, being agnostic, and speaking truthful opinions are bannable offenses on Facebook.

I did not insult anyone, did not use any obsenities, and did not initiate the conversation.
And yet POOF!
There goes the entire past 4 years of my life in photos, messages, and contact with friends...
...just for this.

This is the kind of world we live in, folks.
It's a sad, sad world indeed...


  1. Holy shit!!! That is crazy. I don't do Facebook, but I feel for you dude.

    Bible beaters can suck it. I was told just yesterday I was going to hell for not believing that Jesus was the hybrid son of Mary and "God".

    We are in the same boat I guess.....

    Party in hell, the drinks are on me.

  2. Ah, religious fanatics... don't you just love it when they try to shove their religion down your throat?

    And hey, all the interesting people are in hell anyway.

  3. There is a line between believing in something, and being a slave to something.

    "A man chooses, a slave obeys"

  4. I've actively posted on the Facebook groups as well. And I did a background on the issue on my blog. It's an atrocity anyone would have to fear being ejected for taking more weight in science than fanciful mythology. Your post makes me nervous, but I feel for you. Facebook is good for sharing content.

  5. I know, it's utterly ridiculous. I'm attempting to try and get my account back, but Facebook is probably swarmed with requests at the moment because I haven't recieved any response yet.
    The best I can do is hope they will respond, and that other people in the group haven't been wrongly banned as well.

  6. May I humbly suggest that you contact the ACLU? The American Civil Liberties Union... they take JUST this kind of case, seriously, and they do it gratis (free). Please contact an ACLU branch ASAP, maddie, ok? The separation of church and state (Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Congregation) includes freedom from persecution, and in my mind freedom to believe OR not in a religion. You need to talk to them. :)

  7. Eh, forget Facebook :) They never cared about freedom of speech (though technically they don't need to) or (if you're following the hot topics :P) your personal information. I say good for you for not being a part of the site! :D

    Plus it makes for a good story when you meet people: "hey, why aren't we friends on Facebook?" "I don't have one" "why?" "I got banned [insert rest of story here]" :)

  8. :( it's Kim. I say you boycot fb until this crap is over with but damn, that sucks. Maybe find another site where you can connect w. People as much as you did w fb??

  9. @Anon1: I very well may do that if Facebook decides not to respond to my request to have my banning looked into. My post was harmless, and if it truly is considered a bannable offense to state your opinion, then something is VERY wrong here. Thanks for the info. :]

    @Ben: Haha, you are right in that regard. The one thing that I'm truly mourning however is losing four years of photos. It's like the past four years of my life, save for photos I've taken myself, have been erased. I could always ask every single person for their photos, but that would be a burden. :[

    @Kim: Not much I can do to boycott, lol. My account is completely disabled and inaccessable. Trying to get it back is turning out to be a pain because Facebook admins are lazy bastards and aren't replying... What angers me most is I wasn't sent a single warning. I checked my email and I got nothing, not even a ban notice. The only way I found out was when I was suddenly logged out of Facebook, and when I tried to log back in, it said my account was disabled.