Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Score of More SPORE Creatures!

Well okay, maybe not a score, but still quite a few!

The week is finally over, and after returning home for spring break, I was able to finally access my old computer!
I was surprised at how many creations I had made over a year back.
Here's a view of the creatures that I had created!

The Mawtile, one of my old characters back from when I used to work for the online pet site "Nekopets." (Now defunct)

The Cockastfu... Like a cockatoo, but only... not.

The Gorblex! It's like an ibex, only... yeah, not.

Peep was my favorite animated film when I was little. There's an animated series now, but it's barely true to the original... sad how everything has to turn into a subpar educational series now.

My pitiful attempt to translate my character, Konpeki, into the Spore Universe. I'm sure I could do a better job with this now.

I'll be posting more soon! I still have quite a few old things to share.


  1. They look cool! I'll be waiting to see more.

  2. Thanks! :] Soon I'll be posting images of the buildings and vehicles I've created as well.