Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This Is Why Skyrim Is Awesome

The Battle of Talking Stone Camp.
Below is a chat transcript I told Maddie about a battle I had witnessed and fought in, on the plains of Skyrim, Tirdas, 8th of Heartfire, and 10:34am.

The battle took place on the plains/river area between Talking Stone Camp and Orotheim (West of Whiterun).

The Good: Oh
The Good: Let me tell you about my epic dragon fight
The Bad: Oh! I forgot!
The Bad: Yes, you must tell meeeee :D
The Good: I'm playing as my Orc, and I finally kill the first dragon at Whiterun's watchtower
The Bad: hehe
The Good: and I get the note from the courier telling me about a Wall at Eldersblood Peak
The Good: So I decide to travel there. I know there is a mountain pass that I can use near the Ancient Nordic ruin there that can make my journey shorter
The Good: so as I'm climbing the mountain trying to find the pass, the Blood Dragon guarding the Wall noticed me
The Good: So I decide to run around the mountain to try to evade the dragon and find the fucking pass.
The Good: Well, finally I get to the foot of the mountain, and I'm smoldering a bit because this Blood Dragon wants some barbecued Dovakiin......
The Good: and then the dragon sees a Giant camp nearby and decides to attack them for a bit
The Bad: Oh gawd lol
The Good: So he flies over there and starts to burn the mammoths and giants, while I shoot arrows at him
The Good: Finally I think I got his attention and he flies back to me, but he flies over me
The Good: as I turn around I see like 5 bandits all fighting mudcrabs and I'm like "WTF? O_O"
The Good: The dragon does a strafe and and starts to attack the bandits, but they shit themselves and start to run back to their cave across the river
The Good: I follow them and as I turn a corner the bandits start to fight with the mudcrabs again
The Bad: Hahahaha
The Good: and then the dragon come by and KILLS ALL OF THEM with one breath
The Bad: Well maybe they're hungry for mudcrab :P barbequed mudcrab
The Bad: Epic
The Good: It gets better
The Good: so as I run to quickly loot their bodies and evade the dragon
The Good: I hear a Bear
The Good: Apparently we had woken it up, and he decided to go after me
The Bad: LOL
The Good: so I run across the river to try to put some distance between me and the bear so I can focus on the dragon, which is now going after me again,
The Good: and as I try shooting arrows at the dragon, the bear hops across the river, so i'm like "fuck this" and dual weild my axe of whiterun and a dwarven sword to make quick work of him
The Good: but the bear tore up my health a bit so i use my last 2 potions
The Bad: Uh ohs D:
The Good: You with me so far?
The Bad: Yeah lol
The Bad: This is one crazy tale, haha
The Good: At this point I figure I should head back towards the giant camp to see if they will help me fight the dragon, since I have no potions
The Good: So I run back across the river and towards the camp, the dragon follows and starts to breath fire over the camp
The Good: and i see 2 ice shards shoot past me
The Good: now I'm completely caught off guard by this
The Bad: Oh gawd lol
The Good: So I look around and see a necromancer running at me, with a mammoth behind him
The Good: and the mammoth totally fucks up this dude and kills him in one hit
The Bad: HAHA
The Good: So I'm like okay that was completely random
The Good: by now the dragon is back on me, but he was weak enough to where I finally got him to land and I finalllllly killed him X_X
The Bad: lolololol
The Bad: And this is why Skyrim is fucking amazing

I will add photos of the aftermath when I can, and I will write my own summary of the story so you all don't have to deal with a chatlog.

On the other side, finals are finally upon us so life is hectic.
Keep warm. Keep safe. As the Starks say, Winter is Coming.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gaming Geekery Update!

I've just updated our Etsy shop with 5 gaming-related items!
(3 styles of earrings, and 2 charms.)

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Friday, November 25, 2011


Gobble Gobble!
Okay, so Thanksgiving is over, but I'm sure you're all munching on leftovers.
There's also another little "leftover" that you might want to check out...

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Also, I have to apologize for the general lack of updates, both in shop inventory and blog updates.
My job had officially gone from part-time to full-time with the upcoming holidays, and I've been having trouble feeling motivated to make things. (After washing dogs for nearly 6 hours at work, the last thing you want to do is make something with your hands!)
I still have a batch of earrings waiting to be glazed, and I have some candy cane earrings ready for listing.
Keep an eye out! As work slows down, I'll be able to get the shop updated with lots of new goodies.