Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to get a FULL REFUND in Rage of Bahamut

Yes, Apple/Google are giving out FULL REFUNDS for Rage of Bahamut. Find out how, and get all the information you need in my new video.

On a side note, here's a hilarious post from the comments on the RoB Facebook page... It absolutely had to be preserved here!

Dear Anonymous,

We have recieved your email concerning our new trading system that we are soon implementing. Please understand that we don't know what else to do. Seriously, for the last 2 days, we have been throwing darts at an idea board and nothing has hit good. We purchased some monkeys and place them with laptops in the other room. We're hoping for something creative to happen within the next hour or so. They keep flinging **** around the room, so we posted it on our idea board, so far we hit it 3 times.

Poor Joe from Mobage Support has gone into a severe depression, and we now have him on suicide watch. We tried, really we did. We even took 2 weeks off of work to go to the bahamas, (Thank the community for that will you?) execept Jimmy the janitor, he couldn't go. (Brother a douche and all.)

Please gives us your money. Please? Here, we'll toss in some Holy Powder, personal of course, that takes away from our profits. No? Cure Water? Still nothing. Ok, How about a X100% chance of 0.01% of a chance inside a 0.03% within a 3.1467892766666 chance of a SSR card? **** 
Surely, you have money, isn't it your birthday? Graduation? Death in the family? *** change operation?

Please for the love of god, keep buying things from us. We just wanted to make a quick buck. We don't even know how this game works. Enlighten us on this trading concept. 
Here, we know what the players like: See new card, totally won't be obsolete within a month. Half-naked japanese girl on it, see. Gold. Shiny. Can't trade it though, but to **** with you, your buy it.

We hope you still consider us for your wasting money needs. If not, we understand, we'll coming out with Marvel card game soon. You should see what we are going to do with that. You think "One More Day" or "Clone Saga " was bad.....

Thank you for playing Rage of Bahamut (We just call it cha-ching here)

----Rage of Bahamut Management Office

P.S. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. (We forgot to lube before bending the community over. We'll host Holy War 6.9768534 next month as compensation.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

HelloInterloper Loves Bully Breed Rescue!

On September 2nd, I attended a Bully Breed Rescue event at the Country Cow Deli in Fairfield, CT. Not only did I get to see my favorite bully, Drake, but I also donated some new earrings to one of their raffles!

Clockwise: Drake the mush from BBR, me getting up close and personal with an adorable puppy from Animal Nation, and my donated earrings all packed into a bag!

Chilling with Drake!

BBR is an awesome pit-bull rescue based in New Canaan that has adopted out many lovable bullies, and I've been an avid supporter ever since I met Hamilton (now named Hambone) while going to a local restaurant with my boyfriend. I am one of those annoying people who always stop and ask dog owners if I can say hello to their dog... and they were overjoyed to let me meet him! After explaining where they got their pup from, how lovable he is, and how it gets tiring seeing people literally cross the street to avoid their dog, I couldn't help but be intrigued to find out more about this rescue group and their events. (After all, I had worked as a dog washer for over half a year, and was missing working with dogs immensely!) I wasn't scared of pit bulls at this point; my job had showed me that pit bulls were some of the most loving dogs imaginable.

After attending an event in February, I was hooked. There is something hilariously cute about big, tough-looking pups wanting nothing more than to give you a kiss, get a belly rub, and a cuddle! I've been attending their events ever since. This was my first time donating however, and I hope that my earrings can help raise some money for this amazing rescue group!

I even got an Instagram "Thank You" from the Vice Pres of BBR! :)

Some glamour shots of Drake... He's currently up for adoption by the way!

Looking for a bully buddy and live in the CT/NY/MA/NJ/PA/RI/VT area of New England/Tri-State Area? Or maybe just want to find out more about Bully Breed Rescue?
Check out their website!