Friday, August 15, 2014

Angry rant about gaming incoming...

A little word of advice to all you dumbfucks who are against violence in video games... I have some crazy ideas for you.
1.) Don't let your kids play a game you don't agree with
2.) Realize that fantasy and reality are two completely different things, and aren't reflective of each other.

In real life I'm a 24 year old female college student with a great boyfriend, a love for animals, and I'm working towards becoming a do-it-yourself toy maker.
When I play open-world games like Fallout: New Vegas, I play a male, mohawked psychopath who collects human body parts and knives, and decorates my home with them.

Does my fantasy life spill over into my real life?
No, because games aren't real and have no consequence.
In reality, I have a conscience, I have my morals, and I have a life.
If you can't separate the two, then maybe playing video games, watching movies, reading books, and even having goddamn dreams at night aren't for you, and you should see a psychiatrist immediately.