Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hello.interloper is expanding!

Think this is just a blog? Not for long.
Coming soon...

hello.interloper on Etsy!
Within the next month or so, hello.interloper's Etsy store will be launching its Grand Opening!
What kind of things will there be to look forward to?
At first, hello.interloper will be selling necklaces and bracelets designed by my very talented mom.
All jewlery sold will have been designed and arranged solely by her.
They'll come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and some will include semi-precious stones.
Everything will be very reasonably priced.
During the summer, new things will be put for sale including handcrafted and handpainted figurines!
All figurines will be made by me, hopefully out of high quality clay.
Many things are still in the works... Check back later for more updates!

And also...

hello.interloper on YouTube!
Though definitely not as exciting, I've recently released a hello.interloper YouTube account.
I'll be regularily uploading random videos that I take on a day to day basis.
They aren't particularily interesting or anything, but you may find something entertaining.

Check back for more details on the expansion!

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