Friday, November 7, 2014

The Fantasica / Super Battle Tactics Debacle, and getting a refund

If you're a Fantasica player like me, you probably were so excited to get your 8* Tank Ticket from the SBT/Fanta crossover event.

Well, too bad your hopes and dreams are now crushed, because DeNA / Mobage fails YET AGAIN at treating their customers right! (Like I'm going to forget THIS anytime soon...)

Once again I've made your pain a bit easier to cope with by creating a video and a document for you to send to Apple/Google, outlining the issues and providing evidence in favor of a refund.
Keep in mind that this document only requests a refund FOR THE EVENT'S DURATION.
(Let's be honest here, though Fantasica's pay packs are often disappointing, there is no valid reason for a refund until this event specifically.)

Best of luck to all of you for the duration of this event and for your refund requests.
POWER TO THE PLAYERS. We keep this game running, and this is no way for DeNA / Mobage to treat us.