Friday, September 26, 2014

How to fix the no trees / missing trees glitch / bug in SPORE Galactic Adventures

When I was playing SPORE: Galactic Adventures again, I ran into this game-breaking bug. I was horrified that nobody had a surefire fix to this other than "reinstall the games in a certain order." There were so many threads on forums full of frustrated people who couldn't figure out to fix their game.
So, I did something really simple... I tried to open SPORE to see if the original base game had the same issue. It didn't.
So I opened SPORE: Galactic Adventures again... AND THERE WERE TREES.

Turns out you HAVE to let the base game initialize in order to have trees in SPORE: Galactic Adventures... or something.

Watch the video if you need more information, but this put trees back in my game, and let me continue having fun!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Angry rant about gaming incoming...

A little word of advice to all you dumbfucks who are against violence in video games... I have some crazy ideas for you.
1.) Don't let your kids play a game you don't agree with
2.) Realize that fantasy and reality are two completely different things, and aren't reflective of each other.

In real life I'm a 24 year old female college student with a great boyfriend, a love for animals, and I'm working towards becoming a do-it-yourself toy maker.
When I play open-world games like Fallout: New Vegas, I play a male, mohawked psychopath who collects human body parts and knives, and decorates my home with them.

Does my fantasy life spill over into my real life?
No, because games aren't real and have no consequence.
In reality, I have a conscience, I have my morals, and I have a life.
If you can't separate the two, then maybe playing video games, watching movies, reading books, and even having goddamn dreams at night aren't for you, and you should see a psychiatrist immediately.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

STOLAS! My first resin toy project is almost complete!

Thought I'd share my first major resin project with you guys.

First a little background info... (okay, maybe a lot.)

My obsession with vinyl toys didn't really blossom until early this year, when I started stalking the #designertoy tag on Instagram. I soon found myself discovering the whole underground DIY resin toy scene, which intrigued me because it could be done by just about anyone. Having some prior experience in sculpting through a Ceramics course in college and churning out polymer clay jewelry crap on Etsy, I was really excited to jump on in. Up until that point I had sculpted what people wanted rather than things that I actually wanted to make.

I started planning out my first resin toy back in late March. I wanted to make something obscure yet familiar, and remembered something I had found about a year ago. I was making an "evil" character in a video game and wanted to use the name of a historical demon for their last name. After searching through an online "demon encyclopedia," I found a name... but not without discovering this little fellow.

This... this silly-looking owl, is Stolas.
According to mythology:
"Stolas is a Great Prince of Hell, commands twenty-six legions of demons (twenty-five according to other authors), and teaches astronomy and the knowledge of poisonous plants, herbs and precious stones. He is also known as Stolos and Solas. He is depicted as either being a crowned owl with long legs, a raven, or a man."
Yes, this innocent little owl with a crown is supposed to be a commander in the legion of hell.

I thought that was absolutely hilarious, and was instantly drawn to him as a character. I set out to design a possible resin toy of him.

Here's an early concept drawing (made in glorious MS Paint, I might add) of Stolas and possible colorways. You can see that I was kind of influenced by more cartoony sculpts at the time. This was before my attention shifted more towards Japanese vinyl.

Fast-forward three months, and I still didn't do any actual sculpting. College and other personal projects got in the way, so when summer finally came around I was thrilled.

Three weeks ago I started sculpting Stolas. I'm no professional sculptor and it was soon evident that I couldn't possibly translate my previous concept art into clay at my current skill level. I had to make several adjustments and just make do with what I could accomplish at the moment.

An early head-shot. 

One of the most frustrating things I faced with this project was the constant breakage of parts. The ear-tufts and side-tufts broke more times than I could count. I'm not sure if it's because of the material (super sculpey normal and firm), because I didn't cook it long enough, or I just manhandle my sculpts, but I broke more pieces than I could count. Repairs were a constant thing to deal with throughout the project. I had to cook the piece after each little addition just so I wouldn't mess up the whole thing.

I had to do a lot of reinforcing of the tufts. Here you can see a little indentation where I planned to put a magnet for head articulation, because I honestly have no idea how to make a joint.

Sculpting and filling the wings so I wouldn't have to deal with too many bubbles with casting. I don't have a pressure pot, so it's going to be just pour-and-poke to get rid of the bubbles.

Trying to get an idea of what it will look like finished. I honestly was lazy and only made one leg. Planning on just casting the leg twice and gluing them into the holes I made in the upper leg.

The final photo before molding. I primed, wet-sanded for about an hour and a half, and left it to dry out for 24 hours.

...aaaand here we are at present day. Last night I molded all the pieces (head, body, leg and crown) and will be demolded at 1am tonight. I'll be making a test-cast and depending on how that goes, I'll be grabbing a respirator and dremel to start self-production casts in August. 

I'll keep you guys updated with how it goes.

Monday, June 2, 2014

April + May's Events

Since I've been slacking horribly when it comes to blog updates, I'll catch up the best I can with this post.
I already posted what I managed to make  in early April when I was still in Delaware, but I did a lot more once I got home.

I worked on the head of the dog more early in April, fleshing out the cheeks a bit and giving him a pouty lower lip.

I turned 24 on the 18th and had an amazing day. My incredible boyfriend and family got me the most thoughtful and delightful gifts. One of these gifts was an order of Smooth-On resin and silicone to truly start my adventure into toy making!

I eventually added arms to my pit bull sculpt...

...and then legs! (And yes, he is a male dog.)

When May rolled around, it really became crunch time. In order to make the May 5th deadline for the Art Kickstart Sculpture Contest, I had to kick myself into overdrive. I worked like a madwoman, priming, sanding, and then attempting to mold the head of the dog.
Unfortunately I went into the molding process without much planning and ended up with an impractical mold, wasting valuable silicone in the process. I had to scrap it and make the executive decision to just go ahead and paint the original.

This pup...

...soon became this pup! Using the Bully Breed Rescue logo as inspiration for the paint colors, I used washes, rubs, and straight color to give it texture. 
All of my hard work and determination paid off in the end, because it was chosen as one of the 12 finalist pieces!
I didn't end up winning of course, because there were so many incredible artists who also took part in the contest. It was an honor to make it into the top 12 though, and a really great experience overall.

I managed to nab a mint-in-bag Zagoran on the Japanese geekery site Mandarake for an incredible price. Being the mature adult I am, I played around with it the moment I received it in the mail, taking ridiculous photos. 

On the 15th I saw Demetri Martin live. My mom bought me two tickets for my birthday, so naturally I took Jon with me. Demetri was hilarious, and yes, his nose really is that big.

The end of my Medical Terminology class also brought some pibble time with BBR's amazing adopt-a-bulls. Demo was my personal favorite, he was so affectionate and goofy.

The end of May didn't go so well. I had some awful allergies and PMS from hell. I know that sounds a bit pathetic, but it was really bad. I was snappy, irritable, and temperamental, and basically did absolutely nothing but played League of Legends and sleep.

Sooo, that's about it!
I'll post what I've been up to so far this month later today or tomorrow.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

World of Warcraft... again

The vicious cycle of World of Warcraft has come full circle yet again... I've been clean for a year and a month, and then it starts anew.
First I get curious about what has been going on in the game... Then I start being reminded about it on a daily basis. Finally it culminates into pure torture through Warcraft-related dreams almost every night.
It has me in its clutches, and I march towards its siren song, doomed to repeat history once more...
Zug zug, motherfuckers.