Saturday, March 20, 2010


My collection of Spore creatures is getting larger... time for an update!

I've been a bit lazy with updating since I got power back, I know.
After discovering that I could use my neighbor's internet, all I've been wanting to do is sit down in front of my laptop for hours at a time playing FFXI, which I recently resubscribed to.
I promise that the storm photos and videos will be up soon!

For now though, time for more Spore creatures!

It's the Bafauxmeht! Just a strange respelling of Baphomet. Though it's known as a Satanic symbol or creature in mainstream culture, I based this off of the Baphomet boss from Ragnarok Online. (Except I added the wings... they seemed a lot more versatile in-game with the wings!) Basically Baphomet was one of the toughest bosses in the game, and it swung a giant scythe around. It was feared yet it was hilarious to see people stomped by this guy!

There we go... found a picture of the evil thing!
Good times.

ZOOKS! This guy was one of my favorite creations when I first got Spore. He looks completely clueless in-game! Looking back now, I do wish I didn't make his colors so eye-blindingly bold.

The Flusterog... It's like a dog... thing! I think the colors do work in this case.

The Mudsplork! I created this guy with the intention of making a swamp-dwelling creature. It's only appropriate that it would be splattered in mud and covered with swampy camoflaugue!

Lastly, a creature based off of my family's now deceased rat, Angie. She had to be euthanized on Christmas 2009... quite terrible timing. A large tumor was developing on her stomach for a while, but around Christmastime it split open, creating an oozing laceration. I made this long before she even had the tumor... R.I.P., little one.

Well, that's it for now!

I'm now off to go cut my hair!
Keep your fingers crossed that it will turn out okay!


  1. Oh my goodness! I have a not-so-secret guilty pleasure fore spore. <3 Love the little dude thingies you got there. :D Hope the hair turned out fabulous! /follow!

  2. Hehe, thanks! I will be uploading photos of my haircut soon right after I quit being lazy and finish my post about the storm.
    And ahhh, Spore is fun indeedy! I see that you like WoW from your profile, I literally just went on hiatus from it. XD I tend to do that a lot, yet always end up coming back...

  3. I'm loving your blog. Check out mine, I think you'd especially love it:

  4. SPORE!!

    I love Spore. I love everything about it. Your creatures are fabulous. I especially love the last one. My husband and I had pet rats (they have passed away) and it looks very much like one of them.

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog!
    mine might not be as interesting to you since it's mainly housework and boring life type stuff but feel free to check it out.

  5. Spore is definitely a load of fun! :]
    Rats are such friendly little creatures, it's heartbreaking how their lifespans are so short... My family has decided not to buy anymore because it hurts too badly when they pass away. :(
    I'm so glad you enjoy my blog, thank you!