Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Creatures Update

A quick update on what's going on with my current little project!

My world is on generation 35 now I believe, and going strong.
Since implementing an IQ test for all new hatchlings to go through, I've noticed a drastic difference in behavior.
Unlike with my failed Fallow Norn project, the norns that make it to the Norn Meso are lively, curious, interactive, and mobile.
They have lost most of their motivation to listen to my commands as they get older, but they aren't nearly as idiotic as the fallow norns were.
In other words, they aren't mindless breeding machines. They'll get up and walk around, look for food, approach each other, give each other suggestions and occasionally act upon them, and generally act like first generation norns.

I haven't seen too many interesting color mutations aside from the occasional pigment tint, but I did catch a glimpse of these guys.

Pigment swap in a baby norn... The guy on the left has norn pigmentation, while the one on the right is visibly different.

This guy was named Gerald, and he was quite pretty! He had a pigment rotation I believe? Either way, he was almost completely monochromatic, save for an amazing sea green coloration. I sure hope he had a few kids...

In other news, today my family and Jon celebrated my birthday!
I got some incredible gifts and had a great weekend overall. :]
More on that another time!

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