Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Quickly visiting Blogger to wish everyone a Happy Easter!
I'm not religious at all, but I still celebrate the typical Christian holidays... not for their religious significance of course, but just for fun. It's a habit, I guess.
This morning we opened some adorable little bunny boxes that Jon's mom had made completely from scratch, ate some candy, and generally were in good spirits. My father was wearing a sea-green polo in the pastel-color Easter spirit, and joked that he was being an egg. Unfortunately he can flex his gut enough to look like an egg, which was a little disturbing yet funny at the same time.
He needs to lose 15 lbs... shh, don't tell him I said that. :P

Not much else to say, but I'll leave you with some more screenshots of my Creatures world.

Look at those happy little guys... okay, so maybe they were all complaining of protein hunger at the time, but whatever. I have taken away all continuous sources of protein and turned off the automatic vendor, so now they will have to actually learn to push the dispensers themselves to get their precious protein-filled fruit. That wooden box is filled with nutritious eatin's of all types, for instance. The Magma head and Bruin body have showed up again, and both types of pigment swaps continue to appear in the male population. The females continue to have a slight pigment swap and various color tints. Purple seems to still be the most common tint of males, though even females are appearing with purple tints now!

Here's a small treat for players of Creatures!
Wulfrin is up for adoption at Creatures Caves! :]
He's a generation 102 norn from my feral run, and is 2hours and 20 minutes old. He's in perfect health aside from a lingering protein hunger, and he rarely feels crowded.
You can download him HERE!
(You may have to scroll a bit to find him as time passes from the original posting of this entry...)

That's all for now!

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