Friday, April 22, 2011

Generation 85+

My feral run has reached Generation 94 as of now, and no signs of idiocy yet.
They seem to like resting often, and have a penchant for eating large amounts of fruit. Their bodies seem to always require large amounts of protein, and I've seen a few die from protein starvation. I think the next step of improving their gene pool is taking away major sources of protein from their environment. Hopefully natural selection will take care of this little problem.
The excessive resting really hasn't become a problem yet. They will get up when they actually need something, they just prefer to rest when they're content.

Anyway, here's some screenshots of some more color mutations and stuff like that.

A new color mutation that has emerged... A lack of green pigment, and increase in red and blue, which results in a purple tint. (The pigment system is RGB based.) This mutation is present in three norns at the moment... Without the pigment tints, the norn on the left would look just like the one to the right. (They both have a pigment swap of 72 to begin with.)

For a little while, the Magma norn head and Bruin norn body made a reappearance. It was pretty random because the population had been homogenized for at least 30 generations. Strange how things work that way, but I guess some sort of recessive gene made its way through or something. The Magma and Bruin parts have since disappeared from the population, but they were pretty while they lasted. These are two males with a pigment swap of 44 and 72, respectively.

The game developers must have had a secret love of Pokemon... The autonamer apparently named on of my male norns "Pikachu." 
Well, at least he wasn't named "Derape." I've seen a norn autonamed that before... I can just imagine a male norn being all sketchy and being like "Heeeeyh babeh, I'm DERAPE!" and forcefully kiss-popping. Yeah. Bad autonamer, baaaad.

That's it for now...

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