Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Nu Thang"

For anyone wanting some giggles, especially people who are creeped out by Jesus freaks...
You HAVE to see this.
This was posted on last night, and I laughed so hard.

But then I was reading the comments, and someone recommended turning on the captions.
There are no official captions, but YouTube offers an experimental speech-recognition transcription service.
Let me tell you... at 2am, there was nothing more hilarious that reading the horrible machine-transcribed lyrics to this little kid's rap. I managed to wake up half the house with my laughter, and possibly creeped out my boyfriend.

For your viewing pleasure, I've typed out the computer-transcribed lyrics for all of you to enjoy... since really, this can be way too painful to watch in its entirety.

Nu Thang

Bracing girl, so learned, she says Christ is still one,
Who gives says newline and he's doing, and you think for...

Goes down Phil, and they're back!
You know is down at out of town actor,
You know I was going to, who's doing it?
Distillate under that! You know we've started, now who's doing it!
United's Valentine Day finds that he's doing.
Since time began remained este faithful omitted,
To reason why I think that a crystallized earth unaffected,
Eighteen, anymore five dot doesn't change,
But also tab Paul began to talk back...
You know dot but so much and I left the supply,
Do you still in had used bank.
On slip-up went to London into capitivity,
Doing at noon, our news at we're doing it,
So he can use it dot.
This means gap coming throughout my complexes housing,
It is soft today keeping fine footage of women,
And you know crisis is a wonderful kids!
First in your heart, uninstalled carnarvon,
Though I don't do we spot manufacturing of agony.
Lofty might just matched up to the develop soft,
Dot he's still alive!
And I won't stop week in Lebanon!
Thank you Gene Saks, grad night auctions do it,
And in fact no on newsday.
We do in any inspections so he, Kaelin, using it of off.
Opening apple folks' opiate, depart!
Oh union or pH, going to get out, we've still ahead!
Who's doing it days ago, and I know bank you know restored,
It gal who's doing it!
That is done and their baggage, it always done that goes down under,
Yet we still have to have a right on that flight is gone,
And at that Mackenzie unhittable counterclockwise Joey,
Is a top Somalia proud of the gas tax because they keep widow.
He got no braces every year for Michael Plant,
Species of both G-7.
Feeling blocked off, menagerie nominate,
But you've got to go to a tiny fraction, Townsville!
And news bad, time not so...
We do and then Eugene Pack Dot is doing it,
And it does the high view,
And we do in the news that Phil, he K!


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