Thursday, April 28, 2011

Productivity Week - Progress by Day 3

A quick update on the progress I've made this week... so far, at least!

Things I've done:
- Glaze clay items
- Look at Craigslist to find some possible jobs
- Make a resume
- Apply to 2 jobs
- Photograph new clay items and Jon's LOST DVD sets
- Post LOST DVD sets on Ebay
- Post clay items on Etsy
- Upload birthday photos to Picasa and Facebook for relatives

Things I still want/have to do:
- Go through old notebooks to find drawings to edit on the computer
- Try to make sprites for a plant for Creatures 3
- Try making larger clay pieces
- Make something for next month's April's Army charity sale
- Post my daily progress on this blog! DERP!
- Try drawing on paper again
- Hook up tablet and try drawing on the computer again
- Read a book

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