Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Good, A Little Bit of Bad

Things haven't been amazing for me lately, but I guess you could say that things haven't been bad...

I just woke up, so I'll be lazy and put this into LIST FORM!

-I've made $60.00 off of old games that I've sold on eBay!
-Jon is coming to visit on June 2nd, and staying for a week! (We haven't seen each other since college ended!)
-June 4th is Jon and my 8th monthiversary! (2/3rds of a year!)

-I haven't been able to sell any of my old manga books.
-Nobody has been hiring me to do a digital art commission. (The bidding starts at $1.00, so I've really been doubting my skills lately...)
-I'm getting bored of COD4 Multiplayer now that I've reached rank 55, and I still need to raise my level cap on FFXI. (It requires aid of a high level character, and the people I know are barely ever available.)

So yeah, like I said... some good and some bad.

By the way, if anybody wants to hire me for a digital art commission...'s my eBay listing for the commission.

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