Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It Summer Again

It is a strange feeling to be experiencing summer in another house. This whole year has been chaotic for me. I live in South Jersey all my life, then after high school and summer, I moved into my college dorm at UNH, which is a new frightening/exciting/amazing experience on its own, but during that time my folks moved to Delaware. Now that school is over, a part of me is expecting to go back to Jersey, but I can't. I'm living in Delware now, and I'm realizing how hard it is to move from a place where I've lived my whole life, into a new environment in which I'm almost literally stranded and away from all my friends and civilization. I knew that moving wouldn't be easy, but now its starting to look like more than I can chew. To sum it up, the transition from high school life-in-NJ to college life-in-DE makes me feel like I was thrown out in the world and now I don't have an anchor. Despite all this bad, there is still good.


  1. haha i love ur blog! check mine out and follow

  2. Aww sweetheart, I'll be your anchor if needed be. :[
    I know it's tough, but you are always welcome at my house, and next semester I'll make my dorm feel as home-like as possible for the both of us. <3