Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where Did This Come From?

Ever had some random object show up in your dorm, and no one knows whose it is?

Well, we've definitely had that issue for a while.
Yes, that is exactly what it looks like... A bottle of holy water.
(And yes, that is a nasty pile of garbage below, that is NOT ours. It's our suitemate's, and they are lazy.)

Nobody knows where it came from, who brought it, or anything.
It's just been sitting around in our suite's common room for months now.
I guess nobody feels brave enough to throw it out.
I think I may be the only atheist-leaning agnostic here, but even I couldn't do that... It just feels wrong.

Perhaps this mystery will never be solved.


  1. that's so funny :)

    i have that problem a lot in my dorm, except it's always with socks. i'm always finding random socks that don't belong to me or my roommate.

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  2. Oh gawd, I can totally relate with the socks. I keep bringing home socks that aren't mine! I don't know how the heck they end up in my hamper, but somehow they do...