Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why Hullo Thar!

Jon and I encountered a little creature while walking to our dorm...

Okay, maybe he wasn't that little.
More like 2 inches across.

He was just chilling in the grass, and I got worried because I almost stepped on the little guy!

So, I photographed him, nudged him with my finger, and he flew away.
He ended up sitting on the side of one of our dorm halls, on about the second floor or so.

Hooray for college wildlife!


  1. I really enjoyed the Canesten ad at the top of your blog, thinking at first it was a joke. But then I realize you must get paid for it (how much?) and that just totally sweetens the pot.

  2. Oh lord, I just looked up what Canesten is, and I'm horrified, lmao!
    Yeah, I get paid for the ads. If I'm lucky I make a dollar a week... then again, being an unemployed college student, any money is welcome in my eyes. :P
    What I'm wondering is how that ad ended up on my blog! Usually they show relevant ads, like stuff I wrote about recently... I did NOT write about fungal infections in certain... err... sensitive areas.