Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hooray for eBay!

Ugh! I've been staying up way too late, as evidenced by my past few entries...
The problem is, now when I actually try to go to sleep early, I can't sleep!
I just tried to fall asleep and failed miserably... So, here is an entry.

As you know, it's summer time, and I need to make some money.

I never really thought about how much junk I have that I don't need, but now that the idea of getting a job is looming over my head, I have realized how much stuff I can live without.

It started when I looked through all of my old videogames.
I have about 10 GameBoy Advance games that I know for a fact I won't ever play again.
Curious as to how much I could sell them for, I looked them up on eBay.
Turns out I can get a few bucks each rather than the $1 that Gamestop usually offers!
These are going up on eBay for sure.

My mom cleaned my room a little when I left for college. (It was a mess, as usual.)
One thing she did was put all of my book on my bookshelf, which included about 16 manga books.
I have a strong dislike for anime and manga, and the reason I dislike it is actually tied into why I bought them.
See, my friends from 7th grade, up until about 11th grade were all anime-obsessed, and I wasn't really a huge fan.
Their obsession bugged me because I couldn't understand how it could be so amazing, so I kind of tried to hop on the bandwagon and try to get into it.
I have to admit, some of it was interesting, but hardly enough to talk about it 24/7 like my friends, and buy countless $8 comic books.
Finally, frustrated and annoyed with the money I spent for stupid books and the constant babble of idiocy, I began hating anime and manga altogether.
In other words...
...Those books are gonna go as soon as possible so I can get my cash back.
I also have a Naruto wallscroll that I'm going to sell as well.
It's been sitting in my closet for who knows how long, and I'm sure as heck am not going to use it.

My textbooks!
I have my textbooks from both this year and 7th grade that I have just sitting around in my room.
They're just sitting here wasting space.

So all I can say is... hooray for eBay!
Hooray for getting money back!
And hopefully, if I'm lucky enough, hooray for making enough money to not have to get a job this year!
(I'll keep my fingers crossed...)

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