Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Touring Vana'diel

Since my return to Final Fantasy XI in March, I've been everywhere, and have taken some great screenshots.

Taking the boat from Selbina to Mhaura! I'm in the cargo hold waiting for the boat to depart.

Visiting Batallia Downs in the past! Apparently there were some weird creatures here about 20 years ago...

I forgot the name of this lovely area, but it was gorgeous! I passed through it when traveling in the past.

I guess you can call me a daredevil, hehe! Sitting near one of the motors that powers the propeller of an Airship.

Staring at the face of a Manticore in the West Altepa Desert! That's a face only a mother could love...

Fighting worms under the eerie glow of Qufim Island's aurora borealis!

Yes, I am a complete goofball. Annoying the user of a Synergy Furnace in Jeuno by standing inside of it and flailing my arms! They moved afterwards, obviously tired of my crazy, yet harmless antics.

More fighting in Qufim Island! We are outside Delkfutt Tower, showing crabs who is boss.

During some downtime in a Yuhtunga Jungle group, a fellow group member used some Christmas fireworks. It's a Santa Goblin!

A Quadav house in Beadeaux! They weren't too happy about me invading their home, but I took care of that...

Quadav knick-knacks.

Ahhhh! It's a Sabotender/Cactuar! (Yes, that is a cactus-person... scary, no?) They really hurt when they shoot their needles at your group.

That's all for now!
Hope you enjoyed a little taste of Vana'diel!

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