Sunday, May 16, 2010

FFXI Frustration - Valkurm Emperor and Bots

I just had an extremely frustrating experience.

So, here is a story of how my night was ruined!

I was playing FFXI, which basically is all I was doing all day...
Anyway, I was in Valkurm Dunes.
Valkurm Dunes is a sandy, beach area for low-level players, ranging 10-20 or so.
However, in this area is a Notorious Monster, a monster that appears rarely, is stronger than others, and usually drops something rare.
The Notorious Monster I was after was Valkurm Emperor, the "king" of dragonflies in the dunes.
This monster in particular drops a rare hairpin called the Empress Hairpin, which is an amazing item for my class, the Thief.

Image from FFXIclopedia

Valkurm Emperor is a "lottery pop," which in simple terms means that it will randomly appear in a predetermined spot.
These spots are taken by regular dragonflies, known as Damselflies.
If I were to kill a Damselfly, there is a chance that in five minutes the Valkurm Emperor will appear in that spot.
Most of the time another Damselfly just appears.

I was continually killing Damselflies for almost two hours when all of a sudden, a female human named Eimiy comes running across the sand dune, and starts attacking a Damselfly that I was just about to attack myself.
I decided to ask her if she was competition.
I sent her a private message saying "{Notorious Monster} {Do you need it?}"
(The parts in {} mean that they would automatically translate into the language of their game version.)
I didn't get any response.
After sending my question a few times, I went up to her and did a poke motion.
No reaction.
All of a sudden, a Damselfly appears, and she goes running off to kill it.

As this happened, I noticed something that made me furious...

The lack of response, reaction, and being able to determine a straight pathway to the enemy meant only one thing...
This was no person controlling this character...

So, I reported her.
Right as the Game Master sent me a message asking for more information about this suspected bot, she goes running in a straight line over to...
And she kills it.

I almost screamed at my computer in frustration.
The funniest part of all?
She then goes running off in a straight line, probably back to the town nearby where there are no monsters.
I then send another message saying "{Hello!}" and then again, but this time she's LOGGED OFF!
Probably logged off immediately for one of two reasons...
1) She returned to her computer after the botting program alerted her of success, saw I was talking to her, freaked out, and logged off
2) The botting program logged her character out.

Either way, she's reported, and hopefully will get her account banned forever.

Still, here I sit, Empress Hairpinless...

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