Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tweeter, Twitter, Twatter, FRO-YO!

I'll start by saying that I have added my Twitter feed to the top of the page, so you guys can be updated on the latest events that happen in my crazy, yet still generally uneventful life! Aren't you all so lucky?
I'll also take this time to tell you all that the reason why I have been inactive in updating the blog lately is because...

Yes, I am now an employee of a new self-serve frozen yogurt chain!
Minimum wage and a 35 hour workweek, but the tips you get for working the PM shift can sometimes bring in an extra two hours of wages.
I cashier, clean the store, and slice up fruit.

Cashiering is fun because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you see people enjoying themselves. Some people are extremely nice and even joke around with you while they pay. I've only had one grumpy customer, a guy who brought his cup to the register not saying a thing, shook his head angrily when I told him the price, (he filled up the giant cup to the top, what the heck did he expect?) and then left without a word. He was fat and had a mustache though, so I wasn't offended.

Cleaning is for lack of a better word, a bitch. There are so many things to clean.
There's the feature wall, which is basically one wall that is carved to look like waves... dozens of waves that kids can't resist rubbing their greasy, sticky fingers all over.
You have to keep the front room swept and mopped.
The toppings bar needs to be neat and constantly filled with each topping.
One of the machines needs to be cleaned each morning, which means that you need to pour six buckets of water through it, one sanitized bucket of water, disassemble the front, and scrub the heck out of all the components. Then you have to refill it.
The windows need to be cleaned, the tables and chairs need to be wiped down, the doors, the window, the door's window...

And slicing fruit makes me feel like a ninja.
Especially cutting pineapples.
I take out a big, sharp knife, and slice that thing up like a warm, not-so-sharp-knife through butter.
And then I put it in a bin and put it in the toppings bar, and go back to being a cashier/janitor.

It's really a lot of work for minimum wage, but when you see how much the money adds up at the end of the week, it's all worthwhile... especially in this economy, where 9% of people are unemployed... crazy stuff.
Plus you get a free cup each shift, with no weight limit.

And THAT, is sweet. Pun totally intended.

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