Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home?

Its a strange feeling. I'm sitting in the basement of my home in Delaware. There is a storm ensuing outside, and through the door the lighting periodically illuminates the whole room. It reminds me of when I'd sit in my room back in Jersey and watch the storms rage on outside. Its...more than just a memory, but not quite a feeling, of summer? Its hard to explain it. Its like a deja vu I guess.
Its strange to me because this is something I remember, and its always been in one certain way; as in everytime I've had this kind of feeling, the ingredients have been the same(I guess this is nostalgia, of sorts?).
But now, living in DE, its like I'm looking through a one-way window. Maybe I'm just not used to living in DE yet? I'm sure living in CT 9 months out of the year has something to do with it. Do I really have a "home" now? My first thought is "no", but I'm going to give that question some though.
Til next time...
Safety and Peace.

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