Monday, May 23, 2011

Pokederp #3

Our next installment of... POKEDERP!

This is 90% BRAND NEW! Yep, you can definitely tell that this is a counterfeit item just by the fact that the seller doesn't grasp the concept of "contradictions." Furthermore, this item is really defective.
Compare with below...

 This is a REAL Giratina pluh, and the one the counterfeit above is based off of. Note that the fake is missing the headpiece on its forehead, has a strange "crack" stitched onto it's face, and its wing is twisted. It also appears that the red dots on the twisted wing are actually missing.
The listing for the fake admits that the item is defective, and claims that transportation is responsible for the defects. Yeah, more like shoddy sweatshop stitching machines.

Wouldn't you love to take this monstrosity home with you? It looks like a cheap teddybear that you win at games at a fair. It probably is. Not only that, but it's also USED! Isn't that totally worth $6 of your money?

The listing says "VINTEGE!" Just that enough makes you wary... The fact that its facial features appear drawn on with a Sharpie further makes you suspect it might just be a fake. Then the miscolored felt arms... that seals the deal. A horribly crafted fake. How much does the seller want? How does $7.50 sound?

More to come... because the derp never sleeps.

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