Sunday, February 28, 2010

Apology, Grandfather, and McDonald's Sauce

It looks like I've failed my goal of updating this blog daily. I barely did anything yesterday that was even semi-important, so writing a blog entry completely slipped my mind!

I'm sorry, blog, for not updating you! I am ashamed.
...Okay, not really.

Last night a few things happened.
My parents and sister went to my grandfather's 80th birthday which I sadly wasn't able to attend. Still a bit on the sick side, so while they were there I took an epic three-and-a-half hour nap. I woke up when my dog started barking like an imbecile. After having watched a show about a serial rapist that broke into homes literally right before I took a nap, I instantly started to panic, thinking my house was about to be broken in. Then I realized it was my family coming home with my grandpa... I felt silly afterwards.
I haven't seen my grandfather in a few months, so I was really happy to talk to him. He's still unbelievably full of life for someone who has lived for eight decades. After talking to him while my dad set up  the couch for him to sleep on, the reality of his age and mortality set in.
Seems that he recently went to a sleep specialist, and has been diagnose with sleep apnea. Sure, lots of people have sleep apnea... (It's a condition where during sleep you hold your breath or stop breathing, and then gasp for air and resume normal breathing. It makes you wake up at night sometimes and can be dangerous in some cases.)
His case however, is really bad. During his sleep test, he had 32 "incidents" where he stopped breathing, and didn't resume breathing until his heart rate actually lowered. Every time he goes to sleep, it might in fact be the gateway into eternal sleep.
Thank goodness they caught this problem now rather than later. He now goes to sleep with a respirator of sorts which helps him breathe throughout the whole night.

My grandfather leaves in about an hour and a half, so I should be going to have breakfast now.
Before I leave though...

For the past few months, I've been noticing something minor, yet extremely annoying.
Every single time I go to McDonald's, just as I'm about to leave the counter, or my mom starts to drive away, they ask "What kind of sauce?"
McDonald's always had sauce. You usually asked for the sauce along with your order of McNuggets.
Now, it's like they're pushing the sauce, or they just expect everybody to want sauce with their chicken.
I have NEVER used sauce on anything. I absolutely can't stand the strong flavors of condiments. (It's probably because I'm a supertaster... Wikipedia it, it absolutely sucks.)
I'm not saying it's wrong to offer sauce with the food you're selling. People like sauce, so it's good to make it available. What annoys me is that I'm asked if I wanted sauce every single time I order, and always at the very end of my order, when I've already disengaged the cashier.
I didn't ask for sauce, so I don't want sauce! I just want my food...