Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jon's Birthday

Well, February 20th has finally arrived! It's my boyfriend's birthday, and as I type this we are in my family's car heading to New York City. Yes, incredibly all five of us have somehow managed to achieve the feat of peacefully fitting in a car together...

Despite a slight disappointment (my sister decided we didn't have enough time to stop off at McDonald's... no hash brown for me) we are on the I-95 zipping towards the Connecticut/New York border. Jon is currently in control of my iPod and choosing our music for the car ride. I swear, buying a headphone splitter is one of the best investments I've ever made. My sister seems to be getting a cold, which sucks since she has class in just under an hour. She's been taking precollege art classes at Parson's New School of Design for about two years now, and her progress really has been something amazing. I remember back when I took classes there too... but that' a story for another time.
Well, it's time to just relax and listen to the tunes.


Well, it's Sunday, and I know if I don't finish this post now, I never will. So, here goes!

We arrived in the city right on time, thankfully. My sister went to her class, and my family drove to Tom's Diner. Whether you know it or not, almost everybody has seen Tom's Diner... On Seinfeld, the exterior of Monk's Cafe is actually the outside of Tom's Diner in New York City. While the inside of Monk's is only a set, the interior of Tom's Diner includes signed photos, posters, and TV Guide covers featuring the cast of Seinfeld. Jon and I are huge fans of Seinfeld, and since we were in the city, it was an oppurtunity that we couldn't possibly pass up.

After having a satisfying breakfast, we headed over to Morning 2 Midnight, an asian food store near the Columbia University campus. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an otaku, and I absolutely can't stand anime... However, I have to say that the Japanese are masters of candy and sweets. I picked up some peach jellies, muscat gummies, and other delicious stuff. Before we left I grabbed a melon popsicle... trust me, they are incredible.
My sister's class finished at about 1pm, so before she was let out we walked about the lobby of Parson's. They had a few interesting exibits, though some puzzled me. Why somebody would make an exibit about the importation of dates is beyond me. Ah well, I guess I just wasn't meant to be an artist!
Our adventure in New York City came to a close after picking up my sister. On our way back home we stopped off at a GameStop (It's name is quite fitting, isn't it?) and I purchased Bioshock 2 for Jon. He needs to play through the first Bioshock first to refresh his memory on the plotline, but at least he has the game now.
Our city adventure tired all of us out. When we got home we immediately took a well-deserved nap. Dinner consisted of mac and cheese by Jon's request.
When we were all stuffed, my parents went out for dinner and left us to cook an epic cake! My mom had purchased three boxes of cake mix and three tubs of frosting so we could make a fully customized cake of greatness.
The end result was scrumptious. It was a two layer cake, top layer vanilla, bottom layer chocolate. The two layers were "glued" together with a thin spreading of melted chocolate. We frosted it with chocolate and vanilla frosting, just like a giant black and white cookie. (Another Seinfeld reference, perhaps?)

When my family got home, we all gathered around the table, sang Happy Birthday, and topped it all off with a sparkler. A perfect ending to a great day.

Well, that's all for now!

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  1. You made it one of THE greatest birthdays ever, if not THE best. Thank you and I LOVE YOU!