Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick and at Home

Well, it looks like the stomach bug was actually just one symptom of a sickness that was brewing inside of me for a while...

Yesterday I woke up from a nap with a cough and a headache. Today really wasn't all that much better. My cough has subsided for the most part, but the body aches are getting annoying. I'm so weak and tired that carrying my laptop even seems like a struggle.
My mom thought it would be best for me to come home for the weekend, and I immediately agreed. Being at college while being sick is no picnic. The food sucks and it's hard enough to find something plain without spices, seasonings, and a million ingredients. I think I'd be too lazy to get up and walk all the way the the cafeteria anyway.
I also don't want to get Jon sick... Before I left he coughed, and I immediately freaked out. I'd feel so incredibly guilty if I was responsible for giving him this... well, whatever this sickness is.
Either way, I'm back at home with good food, good care, and good company. (Though I'm going to miss Jon, hanging out with my family is the next best thing.) I just finished my meager lunch/dinner (linner?) of plain pasta and a glass of seltzer. Hopefully my stomach will agree.

Yesterday I played some Plants vs. Zombies for the first time, and dang, is it addictive! I never knew such a simple concept could be so much fun. If anyone is looking for a casual game to play in their spare time, I really reccomend it. It's only $10.00 through Steam, which is $10 less than through the maker, PopCap Games. (The creator of Bejweled, Peggle, and Dynomite!)

That's all for now!

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  1. plants vs zombies is the BEST. if you have an itouch the full game is only 2.99

    feel better<3