Monday, February 22, 2010

Mondays... I hate Mondays!

Another Monday, another headache... literally. For some reason today, I'm completely drained of energy. Taking a nap helped temporarily, but soon a stomach ache replaced my tiredness headache... lovely.
So, it's 11:26 PM, and I'm fighting off sleep in order to update this blog.

I've never been very good at keeping blogs... I think this may be my 5th attempt at blogging. Somehow I feel that this one might actually get somewhere. Not that it will get successful or anything... I don't have overblown expectations like that. I mean that I might actually be able to keep this up and running for more than a few weeks. Wouldn't that be something! Me, actually keeping some sort of internet account active?
There's a huge storm heading to the New England area over the next few days, and I'm bummed. Because it's late February, temperatures are leaning into the 40's. It'll most likely be rain, rain, and slush at night. I'm a snow addict, so the end of winter isn't something I particularily welcome with open arms. Thunderstorms are definitely something I look forward to, but plain old rain... There's no joy in being soaked on your way to class unless you have awesome lightning streaks slicing across the sky and clashes of thunder.
Well, I guess that's enough of my rambling for one night. Jon is getting sleepy and has already curled up in bed. I'm feeling wide awake now, but ah well. Such is college.

So... I leave you with this public service announcement.

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