Friday, February 26, 2010

First Sketch Dump!

Today has been extremely uneventful. Aside from missing Jon, coping with my constantly upset stomach, and playing way too much Plants vs. Zombies, nothing has really happened.
Oh yeah. It snowed almost 6 inches. It'll all be gone in a few days though, mark my words.

Since I have nothing else to say, I present to you... THE FIRST SKETCH DUMP!

I haven't been working on art at all since the beginning of college. In fact, I think I only drew one "legitimate" piece of artwork. (And by that I mean I actually put effort into it, and it wasn't on lined notebook paper)
On the other hand, I've been doodling a whole lot. Class is usually so boring that I can't pay attention to my lectures unless I'm doing something else at the same time. Doodling in my notebook helps me focus on what I'm listening to rather than staring off into space, and getting lost in a daydream.

So, today's blog entry will be a compilation of my most recent doodles! (Or at least the ones that I photographed recently.)

Photos were taken on my 1.3 Megapixel Camera Phone.

A little doodle of a rat, or a mouse if you prefer...

If there is one thing I can never get right, it's perspective. I tried to fool around with perspective here, but it didn't exactly work. Oh well, this guy is still one of my favorites. It's a tiger... monster... thing?

A pigeon that I doodled on my Human Comm. notes.

I'm not really any good at drawing flowers. They somehow all end up looking like some sort of vicious, man-eating plant.

Some concept art of a character. I was imagining an Inuit-like person wearing a tribal penguin mask lined with fur... My boyfriend's reaction upon seeing it on paper was "Why are you drawing a furry?" Apparently I haven't achieved the "tribal" look at all. I have to say, I agree with him, it does look like a furry. SHAME, EVERLASTING SHAME. 
As for why it says "rape" on the side... This was doodled during my Criminal Law class, right on my notes.

More concept art. Still can't figure out how to make a tribal-looking penguin mask. Badass birds on the other hand... No problem.

A bird with a mohawk/mane... Not much else I can say about this one.

It's a froggy. Perhaps even a groggy froggy.

A little kitty cat. Playing around with strange proportions is quite entertaining.

I doodled this on the back of my Algebra quiz... When I got it back, I noticed that my teacher had drawn in a worm hanging out of its beak, and colored in its "eyebrow." THE MATH TEACHER STRIKES AGAIN!

I'm not sure if anybody remembers the old Humongous Entertainment! games like Putt-Putt, Freddy Fish, and Spy Fox. (They were kids computer games that were popular during the late 90's.) I used to be a huge fan of the Spy Fox franchise, and one thing that always stuck with me was the beaver at Chiclepichu studying Gumatology. I still draw that character from time to time because of the hilarity.

By far my favorite doodle. It's of Jeckunev, the psychopathic dog man. I'd be wasting my breath explaining his backstory here since it's quite long and complicated. I doubt anyone has the time to read it all!

Well, that's it for the sketches. Hope you enjoyed them! Until next time.


  1. SO MUCH AWESOME, +first =P

  2. Found your blog in the "coffee shop," so came by to check it out.

    Love your doodles! ;) The bird with the Mohawk/mane thing looks pretty cool. And I do remember the Spy Fox/Pajama Sam/Freddie Fish games. Even though I was above the recommended age, I *loved* playing Spy Fox and Pajama Sam. Lol!

  3. Haha, same here! I used my sister's age as an excuse as to why I played... we always played at the computer together. Those games were great. :]

    And thanks to you both! I really appreciate it.