Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Criminal Justice FAIL

Updating to bring you a funny photo and story...

As you probably know, I'm a Criminal Justice Major. Being one isn't easy for the average teenager... In order to have any chance of getting a job in the CJ field, you need to have a clean record. Everything before college is usually disregarded, unless you happen to already have been a hardened, felony-committing criminal back then. Either way, while in college, you can't do anything against the law. No underage drinking, no illegal drugs, no pirating.
Following those rules has been really easy for the most part. (It's tough to live in this day and age without pirating, but I've been able to resist the urge and pay through the nose for everything... ugh.) I got to say though, some of my fellow CJ majors are really irresponsible. I've already heard of a girl who had something slipped into her drink at a club, and had to be sent to the hospital. She was also intoxicated at the time, of course, so she got into trouble.
Other kids are in for a big surprise when they apply for a job. The FBI will not hire anyone who had smoked marijuana within the past ten years of their life. If they think you are lying about your drug use, they will use a polygraph, or even a drug test. If you're caught lying to them... well, there goes your whole college degree. All one big waste.
With such strict consequences, you think that kids would be unbelievably careful to cover up their illegal activities. Well, kids are stupid and impulsive, and just never learn.

While I was in Criminal Law class today, I noticed something that made me laugh... one girl had a margarita glass tattoo'd on her wrist. Not a little one, but one that literally covered the whole inside of her wrist. The fact that she wasn't wearing a long sleeved shirt didn't help her either.
So... You're UNDERAGE and have a tattoo of an ALCOHOLIC DRINK on your wrist in PLAIN VIEW.
And you're supposed to be a Criminal Justice major?
Tsk tsk.
Way to be subtle.

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