Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh Yikes.

Well, college is approaching... really, really, soon.

And by soon, I mean less than 48 hours kind of soon.
On Monday I'm going to be back at UNH... pretty scary.

I can't help but wonder where my whole summer has gone. I know most of it was spent on the computer playing video games, watching television, and napping, but it all seemed to go by so fast.
I only beat two video games during the summer... Fallout 3 and Mass Effect.
Of course, it'd be impossible to chart how much television I watched, but it was a lot. On the other hand, seeing how more than half were true crime and forensic shows on Investigation Discovery, at least it was educational and related to my major.
I probably took a nap on 5 out of 7 days of the week during this summer. I still need to get my blood work done to figure out why I have so little energy... I'm slender, young, and I love living, there's no reason why I should be sleeping around 10 hours every day.

What's the point of this entry?
I really have no idea... I guess I'm just weirded out that tomorrow is going to be the last day of summer.
Okay, so classes don't start until Wednesday... Still, Monday and Tuesday will probably consist of unpacking, shopping for things I didn't think of bringing or buying beforehand, and running around, enjoying the Welcome Week events.

Hopefully the adjustment to a scheduled life won't be too much of a pain.

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