Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blast from the Past #2

Date: 7/21/06
Age: 16
Title: "It's Funny When They Say 'HI YENA!'"
Content: An explanation of Warsong Gulch, a team-based player-vs-player game in World of Warcraft.

I'm a happy person right now. A very very very happy person.

Why? My Assassin's Blade sold for 226g on World of Warcraft, and now I'm a half-twink. A twink is a person whose equipment is much better than the average person, or better than they should ever have for their level. I got a few Rare quality items, got enchants, and am now working on getting spifftastic weapons to stab people with. Then I can play Warsong Gulch whenever I want and not die a million times!

I'm bored, so I'll explain Warsong Gulch.

Warsong Gulch consists of two bases, Horde, and Alliance, on either side of a map, somewhat like this:

x x A AFA A x x x
x G A A A A x x x
x x x x T x R x x
x x x x T x x R x
x h x x x x x h x
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
x h x x x x x h x
x x x x x x x x x
x R x x T x x x x
x x R x T x x x x
x x x H H H H G x
x x x H HFH H x x

x= field
A= Alliance Base
T= tunnel to base
R= ramp
G= graveyard (where you get ressurected based on faction)
h= hut

So, the goal is to get the flag, and bring it back to your base. Problem is, you can't capture if the other team has your side's flag. And of course... this is WARsong Gulch, so people will be murdering you as you run around.

I'm always on the Horde because all my characters that I actually go on are "Hordies."

So, anyway... If you capture the flag three times, your side wins and they gain Honor, which highers your Player vs. Player rank. The higher your rank, the more high-quality equips you can buy for cheap. You also get Warsong Reputation, which also unlocks more goodies and items that you can only use in Warsong gulch, such as improved bandages and healing potions.

Did I tell you I like winning? :> And backstabbing? And ganking? (When you sneak up upon a little noob and stab the crap out of them.)

My character Notakii in the Horde base... Go defence!

Horde wins, and the final scores pop up... It feels good to be on top.

Playing late at night is fun. <3 That's Yena.

More scores! :O

VICTORY DANCE! And the Orgrimmar flight tower has a pretty wreath for the Fire Festival. A nice fit for the city of muscular, fanged orcs and bloodthirsty trolls. o_O And not to mention their undead visitors and the giant tauren.

And yeah, to explain the title, my character is Yena. And "Hi Yena!" sounds like Hyena...heehee. Yeah, I know it's not that funny, but it is to me. I'm stupid like that.

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