Monday, August 2, 2010

Blast from the Past #1

Date: 9/25/06
Title: "Music = LIFE, I swear!"
Age: 16
Content: A rant about music.

Ooookay! This week is officially SUPER PROCRASTINATION WEEK for me, so I'm going to be writing rants. Why? Because it's damn fun!

Today's rant... *think/ponder* Umm, I'll start with something about music because I'm listening to Nausea by Beck, and that song makes me really happy for no apparent reason. Okay... today's rant... Music is life. :O

I will start out by stating a fact that I've discovered... Life sucks without music. I can't imagine my life without music. It'd be like eating a cookie with no sugar...Then it'd be some sort of cracker or bread. Life without music would be, for lack of a better comparison, less sweet. This is why I don't understand why some people are so detached from music... or even worse, they stick to a certain time period, and listen to it to DEATH. But that's for later.
Now, my question to the many people who don't listen to much music... Why don't you? What kind of strange person are you?!? Where the heck were you BORN?!? Music is something that's a part of life. Seriously.
Music is entertainment. I listen to music when I do my math homework, and that's probably why I like math so much. Listening to music makes math homework seem less like work, and more like fun, and trust me, I do NOT think homework is fun. That's also why there's music in TV shows. People like to hear music. Would you watch a TV show without music? Hell no. Well, unless you enjoy watching C-Span or something, but even THEY have classical music while the geezers get ready for some Senatorial debate or whatever... (Found that out as I was flipping channels. C-Span is even more boring than having a conversation with your relatives about school.) If TV has music, then why not real life? Why should you live life without music in the background?
Music is also closely tied with emotions. (And no, I'm not talking emo crap.) Music can be reflective, uplifting, amazing, whatever. Whatever you're feeling right now, there's a song for it. You just have to find it yourself. If you're feeling depressed because your pet dog Sparky bit you, damn, there's a song somewhere out there that will make you feel a little bit better.
Okay, I'm getting tired now, so I can't think straight for the moment. I'll just hurry up.
So, my final word to people who don't listen to music much, change that. Go listen to some music, because you piss me off, and it'll do you some good anyway.
Now, for the people who only like music from a certain time period and listen ONLY to that and listen to it at least 500 times over, STOP IT! There is NOTHING better than listening to a new song that you love more than cookies. If you like golden oldies, there are some strange people out there who still write new disco songs and other things that nobody wants to listen to except for you. Just go find some new music, and maybe even try out a new genre to listen to. Hell, I did, and I'm much happier. (Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rap --> Rock, Alternative, Electronic. Best switch I ever made.)

Okay. I need to go to sleep now. This rant makes no sense anyway.

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