Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OH MY! What is to become of Hello Interloper?

It doesn't take a genius to notice that there has been a significant gap between my last post and this one.
I assure you, there is a reason why.

The reason behind the nearly half-month-long hiatus?
Oh, just a little thing called COLLEGE.

Yeah, college has been bogging me down since it started, and with an ungodly force.
Let's start with the past two weeks.

Most of us are accustomed to the constant, gentle breeze of air conditioning in the middle of the summer, me included.
Of course, because the University of New Haven is cheap and finds planting countless trees and other shrubbery more important, almost all of the dorms do not have AC.
In fact, we're not even allowed to bring our own AC units due to their window screens.
All dorm windows have a screen that you are not allowed to remove at any cost... probably to prevent us from lobbing heavy objects at drunk kids, whom the Campus Police generally do nothing about.
The only exception is if you have asthma, and nobody in my dorm room is... err, "blessed" with that problem.

For the past two weeks, especially last week, we have generally been stewing in our own sweat.
It has been 95 degrees in our dorm at the highest point, around 75 at the lowest, which is usually 4am anyway.
Needless to say, sleep has been scarce, showers have been plentiful, and dozens of window fans desired.

Of course, having 4 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays hasn't helped my situation any.
I've been getting up at 6:30am those two days of the week, walking across the whole campus for my 8am class, having about an hour and a half break at 10:50am, going back to class at 12:15pm, having another break at 1:30pm, and then going back to class again at 3:05pm.
I finally get out of class altogether at 4:30pm, by which time I am exhausted, starving, and hating the world with a passion.
And here I was, thinking that the grueling days of high school schedule drudgery were over.

You think the grievances would stop there, but NO! Wait, there is MORE!
My computer is officially... well, I wouldn't say broken, because it still works... sort of.
The glue that held the screen of my beautiful $2000 Alienware Area51x15 laptop (which was my graduation gift and also an investment that was supposed to last me all of college) is apparently very defective, because it cracked into itty bitty pieces and caused my screen casing to split at the bottom.
It would snap back together every time it opened up, dropping little glue bits onto the speakers below.
Then of course, things got progressively worse as bolts and screws started popping out just by opening and closing the screen.
At this point in time, the other side of the screen casing has suffered the same fate, and my screen is no longer attached to the main body of the laptop by anything other than the wires that give the screen life.

Oh, did I mention the blue screens of death that I keep getting?
Yeah, I can't do anything without getting a random blue screen.
I have absolutely no idea what exactly triggers the error, because it always seems to happen.
I browse the internet, blue screen right before a page loads.
I open up Steam, blue screen before I can open a game.
I play a PC game, blue screen right before I hit a save point.
I listen to music, blue screen 30 minutes into the playlist.
I'd punch my computer in frustration, but it's already falling apart as it is.

Alienware is offering to fix my computer for free, but...
Our printer won't work, so I can't print the FedEx label.
I have to back up all my files on an external drive, because apparently they might clear my whole hard drive.
Oh yeah, I can't back up my files because I get...

What a happy world!

Haha, and you think I'm done?
There's also...
The math class I had already taken in my junior year of high school, but somehow can't understand now.
Getting my sister's World of Warcraft account back after she had it stolen by phishers, even though the GMs have their heads up their rears and aren't getting the fact that it's no longer attached to her email because SOMEBODY CHANGED IT.
Dealing with my intestinal problems, which have required me to have to switch to a diet with more protein, probiotics, and fiber which gives me painful cramps from bloating.
Finding time for sleep, because my roommates don't really give a hoot whether I'm tired or not, and are noisy until 1am on most days.
Trying to keep my weight up at around 110lbs, because I really shouldn't be below that for my height, yet keep weighing in at under 110 each and every time I visit home.
Dealing with the fact that I have class EVERY SINGLE DAY where last semester I at least had Mondays off.
Coping with my apparent failure at starting an Etsy shop, and the lack of free time I have to actually work on it.

Okay, now I think I am done.

So what's next for Hello Interloper?
Will you see posts start up again, or is this the end of the line?
Well, I assure you that this is not the end.
This is what I said before... a hiatus until things finally calm down, I get my computer repaired, and can finally find some free time to actually post.
I'm going to eventually implement the improvements that I listed in an earlier post, as well as purchase a custom domain or "portal" to all sections of everything Hello Interloper.

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That's all for now. Hopefully I'll be back soon.

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