Saturday, August 14, 2010


My submission into Urban Dictionary...
...because we totally need a word like this.

interscat (in-tur-scat)

The waste you leave behind on the internet, such as old social networking accounts, blogs, and help forum questions, among other things.
Interscat can sometimes be embarrassing and incriminating, just like a pee stain on the rug.
Longtime users of the internet may have left interscat spanning across many years.
Most interscat can be found by searching someone's name, alias, or account name on a search engine.


A: "So you have herpes?"
B: "What?! Where did you hear that?"
A: "Found some interscat from a few years back, you asked about treatment options on a forum."
B: "Aww crap."

A: "So did you find my blog?"
B: "No, I searched your account name but all I found was your interscat."

A: "I can't believe they didn't hire me for that job!"
B: "Maybe it was all the embarrassing interscat?"
A: "Man, I sure wish I didn't talk so much on those S&M forums years back."

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