Thursday, August 19, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Layout Coming Soon!

Due to Hello Interloper becoming larger, and with the addition of the Etsy shop, it's about time that the blog gets a makeover!
Within the next month or so I will begin to remodel the layout of the blog.
Don't worry, no content will be deleted!

I'll be aiming to accomplish a few things:
- Create a header instead of using plain text
- Make the page wider to better accommodate the rising number of visitors with widescreen monitors
- Make the Etsy Shop link more prominent
- Make the Etsy Shop page showcase the most recent additions
- Create a new color scheme
- Have less clutter on the sidebar
- Make the ads less obtrusive (I know they're annoying and it would be better to have them gone completely, but remember, I don't have an actual job!)

Keep your eyes peeled for new changes and improvements!

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