Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Last.FM Page! + CopyTrans Review

Thanks to a handy program called CopyTrans, I finally was able to upload all of my playcounts from my old iPod onto!
You can now see my full list of songs I've loved and listened to over the past 4 or 5 years.
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Please keep in mind that the playcounts do not always reflect my current taste in music!
These are songs I've listened to over the past 4-5 years, meaning from when I was 15-20.
That means that about 3 of those years were from when I was extremely depressed... eep!

To read more about the program CopyTrans, click "Read more" below!

For the record, CopyTrans is a program that costs nothing to try, but $20 to buy.
It's well worth the cost however, because it is not a subscription, but a program that releases updates with each new version of iTunes or iPod hardware/software.
In other words, you buy it once, and you're all set for a lifetime of updates for this great program.
What it does is it syncs your iPod with iTunes so you no longer have to deal with having two different sets play counts.
iTunes lets you transfer songs from your Library onto your iPod, but not the other way around.
Unless you manually change each playcount on each song to match one or another, you're going to have two completely separate playcounts.
This can be extremely annoying if you're about to buy a new iPod, and want your playcount from your old iPod to be preserved.

With CopyTrans, you can save your playcount, and also save your actual music.
You can rip songs off of your old iPod and put it in your iTunes library, or you can transfer it to a new iPod.
I've had the same iPod for about 4 years, which is a feat on its own seeing the usual life of an iPod in the hands of a music-loving teen. The battery life of my iPod has degraded to a mere 2-3 hour timespan, and that's when listening to music... I can't imagine how long it would be if watching video!
You can imagine how many times I've listened to my iPod between the day I first got it and present day... well, to be exact, my total playcount is in the 45,000's.
Being a past junkie so to speak, I wanted to preserve my playcount from my old iPod.
CopyTrans let me do that with ease, and after transferring all my songs from my iPod to an external hard drive, I imported a playlist file that CopyTrans created to iTunes, and now I have my old playcounts in my Library!
CopyTrans also has a very useful FAQ complete with screencaps of the program itself to help you along.

It's definitely worth every penny, in both satisfaction and value.
When the new generation of iPods come out, which it undoubtedly will sooner or later, I'll just be able to download an update to the program to be able to work with that type of iPod as well.

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