Friday, June 3, 2011

Pokederp #4

We'll start this post of Pokederp with a few plushes that aren't messed up. Look at them closely, because you'll need this for comparison.
In birds, the soft, fleshy part above the beak is called the "cere." It usually has two holes, which are the bird's nostrils.
This Pokemon, Pidove, clearly has a pink cere.

Here are the offending plushes.
Chinese bootleggers don't really care about facial features, as long as they are there. Pink blobby things above the beak? Can do, and we'll attach them with one piece of pink thread. Who cares if they look like facial testicles.
How much for one of these? $8.

Where does its face end, and body begin? Honestly, who knows? This cheaply made Pikachu will put an $8 dent in your pocket, if you have a thing for awful toys, that is.

This Pokemon is Munna. Nothing wrong with this plush.
BUT... see, Chinese bootleggers are greedy people. If their items are defective, they still want to sell.
This, too, is supposed to be Munna. You can see the outline of where the head-gem-thing is supposed to be, but there is nothing there. In other words, this thing is just a light pink blob with eyes.
The worst part is that these morons have the balls to ask $9 for this piece of trash. I guess they assume it'll be your next DIY project, or something.

Until next time...

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