Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Last Week in a Post

Okay, okay, I know. I've been slacking horribly on updating this blog.
Thing is, life goes on, and problems arise, problems get solved, and baby birds leap out of nests.

I'll start with the crafts, because that's what most of you followed me for in the first place.
This past week I got my earring posts, so I was finally able to glue my little clay owl heads and paw prints. I'm saving them for my next shop update, which will probably be near the end of next week.
I've also been needle felting a lot, since I got a custom order I need to finish. My thumb and index finger on my left hand look like they have a miniature case of chicken pox, but hey, diabetics deal with pricking their fingers all the time.
Still waiting on the adjustable ring blanks, but once they arrive I'll have about 10 rings to post.

And now for some really great news... I'm employed again!
Craigslist is a blessing, I swear. I managed to find a place in the next town over that needed a dog bather/fluffer that was drug and drama free. I jumped on that offer faster than you can say "wet dog smell."
Let me tell you... It is THE BEST job ever. I come in at around 9am in the morning, wash dogs, and leave at about 1pm.
The dogs are obedient, though sometimes fidgety, but never growl or bite.
My boss is a quirky and eccentric woman who is the main groomer in the facility, though also a dog masseuse.
I'm paid per dog, which is based on its size and difficulty. On most days, it comes down to $10-13/hr, which to me is miles better than the minimum wage I made at the frozen yogurt job.
Best of all, I come home satisfied and happy, though tired and smelling like a wet dog. Nothing a shower and a nap can't fix.
Plus the money I make means more craft supplies! (Next in line are clay pendant necklaces, by the way.)

I'll end with our little bird saga.
For the past few days, my mom and I have been checking up constantly on a cardinal nest in a bush near our driveway.
See, normally we wouldn't go up to a nest and disrupt the natural cycle of bird life, but there's a problem... a little feathered problem.
The only egg that hatched has grown up into a rebellious little fledgling that no matter what, does NOT stay put in the nest.
Again and again, we've found him sitting in our driveway, sitting under the bush, or otherwise in a place where he can easily be spotted, peeping away like he honestly doesn't know how he got there.
BUT HE KNOWS. He jumps out, the little bugger. Then mommy and daddy cardinal call him incessantly, can't figure out where he is. They just end up calling for him until we find him for them, and put him back in the nest.
(And trust me, I've watched the mom confusedly hop around the whole bush trying to find the baby. She couldn't realize that he was not only on the GROUND, but also hidden in a plant.)
We've probably relocated him five or six times now.
Also, did I note the fact that he can't fly at all? He can flutter about a foot forward, but can't gain any real ground or generate any lift. He's pretty much an easy lunch no matter how you look at it.
I'm hoping that he either gains some sense soon, or learns how to fly. The first doesn't seem to be happening, so let's hope those little flying feathers of his grow in soon.

Lastly, the April's Army Shop is OPEN!!!
It opened up at 11am yesterday.
I finally was able to make and submit a donation item before the deadline this month. My donation was a little needlefelted bird, and it sold earlier today for $14. I'm so glad that I was able to contribute to a good cause. :)

Until next time!


  1. He's pretty much an easy lunch no matter how you look at it.I'm hoping that he either gains some sense soon, or learns how to fly.

  2. So happy to hear you have found much better job! :)

  3. Hehe yeah it's definitely a relief!
    And some good news, the little bird learned how to fly! We haven't seen him or his parents since, but I think they moved on!