Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Where Are the CREATURES?

It's been forever since I posted about my Creatures 3/Docking Station worlds, so thought I'd do an update on those little morons.
Why do I say morons? Because they've become stupid from overbreeding... but they breed like CRAZY.
They're also lots of pretty colors!

But anyway. I have been conducting a Feral Run for a while now, after many failed runs.
They're on generation 315 as of today, have an incredible lifespan of 24+ hours, and come in every color of the rainbow.
Here are some screenshots to show you their color development!

A full color spectrum of Norns!

A few hours after the picture above was put together, these two new colors appeared in the population!

They tend to crowd together and keep breeding repeatedly.

The crowd at a different time.

Until next time!

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