Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Etsy Shop is HERE!

The h e l l o . i n t e r l o p e r shop is finally here!

Yep, after lots of struggling, procrastination, whining, and an little bit of actual hard work, the shop is finally open!

Currently we are selling small charms and necklaces made by yours truly, Maddie!
We also have necklaces made by my young-at-heart mother, Hanna!

There is, of course, more to come in the future.
I currently have eight more charms in the works, and my mom just discovered a massive stash of beads that she forgot she even had.

Check it out for yourself by clicking the "Etsy Shop" link near the top of this page, send some links to your friends and family, stick pieces of paper with the shop's link in the back pockets of random people!
Okay, maybe not the last suggestion...

Here's to the hopeful start of a new business opportunity!

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