Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrations Across the Weekend

This weekend was extremely joyful for both me and my family.
I had an amazing weekend!

My cousin, Jennifer, got married to her fiance, Domenic, in a beautiful and incredible celebration.
The day began at a church for the official marriage ceremony, which usually would not be a good experience for me... Most Catholic churches make my skin crawl with the harsh focus on fear and guilt, and the dark, grotesque imagery of a dead or dying Jesus.
This church was nothing like the one I had attended as a child.
Light was flooding into the church, and the mostly wood-paneled interior was light and pleasant. The priest, though adorned in the usual ceremonious garb, was more contemporary than conservative. He made references to modern day society and even pop culture, but not in the forced way that most adults try to relate to a younger generation... He was obviously "with it."
I was instantly at ease, even through the chants, which tend to unnerve me.

The reception was absolutely incredible. Domenic's family was very Italian, so the guests were jovial and talkative. We were placed at a table together with two nuns, whom I surprisingly had very pleasant conversations with. The atmosphere was so joyous that I couldn't help but get teary-eyed during the first dance of the newlyweds. The entertainment consisted of a talented singer who sang classic Sinatra and other tunes, and later switched to DJ'ing popular songs for the dance floor once the formal dances ended. All the little children joined in with their older sisters and relatives, and before I knew it, my mother, father, my two uncles, and I were all making fools of ourselves.
I couldn't have possibly have had a better night. We all had so much fun, and were so happy for the new couple. Their faces were radiant and all smiles throughout the night... You could tell that there was a very special bond that they shared that had only grown stronger through marriage.

On the way home I was exhausted, yet elated when I got a phone call from Jon.
It was officially past midnight, which meant it was July 4th... our 9th monthiversary!
It was so great to hear his voice.
Jon is such a sweetheart.
(If you read this, Jon, don't you dare say that I'm sweeter! We are not having this fight on the blog, hahaha!)

The next day was very rough.
I woke up with a terrible sinus headache, and didn't have anything to eat.
I took an Advil and my medication with a sip of warm Pepsi that had been sitting in the car all night.
I'm not sure what turned out to be my undoing... feeling sick, the Advil, the medication, the bumpy car ride... but either way, it turned out badly.
As soon as we arrived at Domenic's parents' house, I said hello to the new couple and immediately turned to my father, and said I was going to be sick.
Like a faucet, vomit started spilling into my mouth from my esophagus. I clapped my hand onto my mouth to stop the flood of spew.
I felt the puke breach my lips and was quickly directed to the trash can.
When it was all over I was shaking and apologetic, and both Jennifer and Domenic directed me inside to a large sink where I was able to run cold water over my wrists in an effort to cool down.
I sat outside in the shade for a while after, nibbling on bread and gulping down cups of ginger ale.
In an hour or so I was feeling a lot better, though I was tired.

Overall, I had such an amazing time.
I often feel detached from people, as if I can't relate to them, or I'm fearful of emotional attachment. Being able to talk to people who actually wanted to listen to me was great, and I felt so accepted.
Not only was I happy for the families, but I felt happy for myself too. I have come such a long way from the depressed and apathetic state I had once been in constantly... It's definitely a relief to have my life back.

July 4th was also my uncle's wedding, and we all sang happy birthday and chowed on cake and gelato.

Tomorrow I am hopping first thing on a train to Delaware to visit Jon.
I am so incredibly happy to finally be able to see him! It's been nearly a month since we last saw each other, and it's been very tough for both of us.

Anyway, I am exhausted... I only got 6 hours of sleep last night.
That's all for now, until next time!

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