Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Drags on By... Like a Dead Person!

Things have been pretty much staying the same...
...which is pretty bad all around.

I've been neglecting updating, which seems to be the habit this summer...

Let's see what I can remember about the past week or so.

Well, for starters, right now I'm procrastinating, which I do way too often... ugh.
I'm supposed to be writing a letter to the Financial Services Office to try to get my scholarship back.
It appears that NONE of the offices communicate with each other, because I got approval and consent from all of my teachers to allow me to complete my unfinished work this summer, and hand it in before the next semester starts.
Well, the Financial Services say I don't have enough credits, so they're taking away my scholarship.
The thing is, I -will- be getting my credits!
I have an incomplete in most of my classes, which just means that I'm missing one assignment and as soon as I hand it in, I get full credit... no penalty.
I'm a good student, they all trust me and know I had some trouble last semester.
So, in my defense, I'm supposed to get both a letter from my psychiatrist, and write a letter on my own explaining my situation.
(I still see a psychiatrist even though I've been officially "cured" of my depression for two years now, though she mainly serves as a mentor and helps me through medical side-effects. My body is kind of messed up right now.)
Needless to say, I really REALLY hope they understand my situation and reinstate my $16,000 scholarship.
That is a huge amount of money, and my parents really need the reduction in tuition costs.
I guess one thing that's on my side is the fact that have the GPA to prove my worthiness... I made Dean's List this semester, which I'm extremely proud of.

eBaying has been unbelievably slow. I'm barely making any money anymore.

My mom is still being lazy about getting her necklaces together to sell on Etsy.

I've had terrible artist's block lately...
In fact, I haven't drawn in weeks.
I still have to draw the commission request that someone won... I feel so guilty, but I just can't focus.

My sister left yesterday for a writing program in Rhode Island.
She hasn't been replying to my texts which kind of worries me.
I hope she's having a good time there.

I have to see so many doctors...
I need to see my dermatologist to get my moles cut off (not a pretty procedure, but I have one on my shoulder and sometimes I accidentally scratch it... and it HURTS.)
I need to see an endocrinologist to get my hormone levels checked (I've never had them checked, and some problems I have right now may be related to my hormones)
I need to see my dentist (Annual cleaning, fuuuun.)
I need to see a gastrointestinal doctor (I have intestinal pain sometimes, and only two weeks ago I had such terrible pain that I almost fainted... it was bad.)
I'm quite sure I need to see my pediatrician as well for a physical (I get to keep my pediatrician until I'm 21. Booyah for reduced doctor costs!
Aaaaand lastly, I need my cholesterol level checked (Two years ago my cholesterol was 94, which caused some concern because of my age... and seeing that I eat so terribly at college, I'm scared its gone up again.)
Sounds like fun, right?

I've been plagued by headaches.

My sleep schedule is completely messed up. I've been going to sleep at 9pm, waking up at 4am, taking three-hour naps, you name it. It's been crazy.

Now on the plus side, my dad is going to teach me how to buy and sell stocks today! Hooray for possible financial gain!
Also, next week I am going to Delaware to visit Jon!
I couldn't possibly be more relieved. I miss him like crazy and really need the time away from home.

So yeah... my life is pretty icky right now.
Hopefully I'll see some improvement soon.

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