Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Skyla's Story: A Welcome

"You there!"
Me? I look around, trying to find where the voice is coming from.

"Yes, YOU!"
My eyes make contact with an Elezen not unlike the one that had stopped the wagon back while we were on the road. Same mask, and outfit, that's for sure.
I have barely even gotten a chance to look around the entrance to Gridania and already, someone is bugging me... Wait, wait, no. Be open about this!
I nod politely in the direction of the Elezen, acknowledging his exclamation.

"Your face is not known to me. Newly come to the city, no doubt." he says in a fairly official-sounding voice, and I feel a small inkling of worry. Am I not supposed to have a weapon in the city? This spear is rather noticeable...
Suddenly, my eyes are drawn to his own weapon. On his back is strapped a massive lance with a blade unlike any I have seen before. It looks almost as if three blade were layered on top of each other, and then melded together. To be skilled enough to wield a weapon like that...

I shake my head as if to clear my thoughts. Focus! And goddess forbid he thinks you're admiring his body, not his lance!
He seems like he hasn't noticed me staring... Good.
"I am Bertennant, a Wood Wailer of Gridania," he states with authority. "It is my duty to protect our nation from her enemies while welcoming those who may yet prove her friends." His voice suddenly switches to a more suspicious tone. "Let us see which you are," he says grimly, and I can't help but feel a pang of fear.
Is it the weapon on my back that made me suspicious as a newcomer? I guess I don't look like an innocent peddler or random visitor...
I glance around briefly, looking at the people walking by me. They don't seem to be bearing weapons... Great, what have you gotten yourself into?

I clear my throat.
"I'm just a... a new adventurer," I manage to spurt out.
His expression softens.
"I thought as much," he replies, but he takes on a voice of authority once more. "We cannot allow strangers to wander Gridania unchecked and untested. I suggest you make yourself known at the Carline Canopy, where the headquarters of the local Adventurer's Guild is located. Talk to Mother Miounne within, and she will take you in hand."
I give a quick thanks, and dash off in the direction he pointed to.

Adventurer's Guild? I chuckle to myself at the thought. This must be where reckless imbeciles are sent, most likely to have reality slapped into their faces by true warriors. I remember hearing stories in my childhood about someone running off to be an "adventurer" and biting off more than they can chew...
I immediately halt in my tracks, a hand placed in front of my face.

"HALT! Unregistered outsiders are not permitted beyond this point!" screams a female voice behind a wooden mask.
"I'm sorry, I must have missed what I was looking for," I say hurriedly while backing away.
She sternly points to a building behind me to my left, and I high-tail it... no pun intended. How embarrassing... I let my mind wander. I should know better than to reminisce about the past.

I make an effort to pay attention, and walk through the large doorway. How could I have missed this?!?
Before I make it inside, a large hulking Roegadyn standing next to the door speaks.
"The wood... it's watching, you know!"
I hope I made the right choice by coming here, because that... that was rather ominous.

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