Saturday, September 28, 2013

Skyla's Story: The Markets

Skyla, stop getting so distracted, I scolded myself.
It's hard to ignore how beautiful Gridania is at night, however.

I knew this wasn't the time to admire the lights, with this eel pie growing colder by the minute in my backpack... I just couldn't help myself though.
One minute can't really make that much of a difference anyway, can it?

I continued along my way, following the path that led to the mark Miounne placed upon my map. Careful to not bump into any other adventurers, I made my way into the Markets...

I was immediately met with the sounds of clanging, banging, and chiseling as dozens of craftsmen (and women!) lined the halls, perhaps working for clients. 

 I finally found Parsemontret, the so-called "Master of the Markets"... He was quite reluctant to speak to me at first, regarding me as yet another blundering new adventurer...
...that was, until I held out the eel pie Miounne baked!
I must admit, I had a bit of an urge to go off and eat it myself after being treated so rudely, but I have to get "friendly" with the folks of Gridania if I'm ever to pursue my dream. I guess enduring ornery old men is a part of the job.
No sooner than I handed the pie over, he was already shoving slice after slice into his gob.
Don't you need a glass of water?!? I wondered, but when the last slice disappeared into the deep void of his mouth, it was already answered.
Saying that he was a man of his word, he hastily explained where I could find just about anything I needed as an adventurer... potions, armor, weapons, and whatever else I might desire. The whole while I couldn't help but notice the crumbs in his mustache, but that's besides the point.
He then requested that I buy a few things and deliver it to a certain someone at the Lancer's Guild. My ears twitched in excitement. Finally, things are moving along!
I ran off as he blabbed about how all I had to do was mention his name to receive payment, and starting browsing the stalls with fervor.

Once that was over with and my pack was brimming with the needed items, I quickly ran off after my next objective... to visit the Lancer's Guild!
This was what I truly wanted to do. Large mysterious crystals and shopkeeps are interesting and all, but this would be truly useful.
To follow in his footsteps... I shook my head furiously. No, this isn't the time to get all sentimental. There's enough time for that later.

Through all of the excitement, I failed to notice the pitter-patter of rain on the roof, which became all too apparent when I stepped outside.
Sprinting as fast as I could, I tore down the path, past the sign of the large lance, and into the safe overhang of the Lancer's Guild's roof.

I fell onto the ground trying to catch my breath, and noticed a Wood Wailer giving me an odd look...
Oh well, at least I don't need to talk to her or...
"Are you the one who was supposed to deliver some goods?" she inquired, interrupting my thoughts. embarrassing.
"Yes, that's me!" I blurted out, and quickly handed them over to her. She nodded, handed me my payment, and I dashed off into the building. No need to embarrass myself further.

So much for a good first impression.

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