Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Skyla's Story: Aetheryte Beckons

How on earth did I not notice this?
It seems that I was so focused on listening to Miounne that I didn't notice the Canopy filling up with occupants...
I stop in my tracks, almost bumping into someone. Imagine if I had, that pie wouldn't survive...
Deep breath.
I hold the box close to my person, and wait for the exit to clear. Last thing I need is an adventurer with a ravenous appetite to get any ideas.

I bite my lip, wondering if perhaps I'm judging everyone too harshly yet again. Maybe the Wood Wailers are just overreacting at perceiving most adventurers as a menace.
A brightly colored creature bounds past me, following its master. A Summoner and his familiar, I assume... I've heard of them, but have never seen them before.

I catch my breath and decide that people-watching can be saved for later...
I have tasks to complete!
Releasing my grip on the box a bit, I exit the Canopy and glance to my left. I'm pretty sure that's where the Wood Wailer stopped me earlier. Must be the way I'm supposed to go.
I walk along the path, catching glances at people who pass by. They all seem to be in such a rush, thrilled to go about whatever business they're attending to. I'm glad they aren't paying me much mind. Wouldn't want to be known as the "newcomer" to everyone in all of Gridania...

As I walk up the small incline, I see something incredible before me... A giant crystal, rotating and suspended in the air by some strange magics. Is this what Miounne spoke of? Before it stands a Wood Wailer, and though I can't see her eyes, the smirk on her face reveals her bemusement.
"Let me guess, you're new to Gridania?" she asks while motioning over to the crystal.
I sigh. I guess worrying that I'll be labeled a newcomer is pointless... It's obvious enough already.
"Yes, I am.." I reply.
"Good," she says with a smile. "As you probably already know, the creatures of the Twelveswood have been acting unnaturally as of late. It falls to the God's Quiver to pacify them. You should speak to them near the Archer's Guild, as alas, they are sorely undermanned."
I'm not exactly sure if my rudimentary skills qualify me to even dare to help, but I accept her request anyway.
I just want to get over to that crystal.

Rushing up the ramp, I barely even notice that a light, yet steady rain has begun to fall.
I'm too busy being amazed by what stands... err, floats, before me.

The crystal... What did Miounne call it? The Aetheryte?
It is HUGE!
I bask in the blue glow, staring in awe as other adventurers and citizens place their hands upon it, and in snap, disappear. What Miounne said was true, it really is used for transportation... and I don't feel ill around it, thank the gods!
Glancing around me, nobody else seems to be having any ill effects either. Guess there's only one thing to do,  and that's to touch the crazy thing.
Placing the box of eel pie under one arm, I reach towards the Aetheryte. As soon as my hand comes in contact with the surface, I feel a strange sensation course through my limbs...

"Ah, I see you're following Miounne's instructions?"
The voice startles me, and I quickly pull back my hand from the Aetheryte, feeling almost as if I've done something wrong.
I turn to the source of the voice, only to find that it's yet another Wood Wailer. Seems as if they really are watching my every move...
"Excuse my manners, I'm Nicia of the Wood Wailers," she says, extending an apology for scaring the living daylights out of me. I must confess though, I was rather transfixed by that odd feeling that washed over me when I placed my hand on the crystal...
"I know a thing or two about the Aetheryte - that big crystal over there," she continues. "They are devices that tap into aetherial energies, and are primarily used as a means to travel from one place to another. There are many of these devices found in almost every corner of Eorzea, so try to attune yourself to any you come across."

"Attune? I'm not sure..." Before I can finish, she answers.
"Like you just did. Pressing your hand to the Aetheryte. But you need not locate them all at once. I suggest that you start with the ones here in Gridania to make your stay here easier."
I nod, finding myself once again staring in awe of the Aetheryte.
How little we all are...

Well, that's one task down. Two more to go!
And this eel pie is only growing cold...

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