Saturday, September 21, 2013

Skyla's Story: Back to the Basics

Mother Miounne crosses her arms.
"Alright, let us begin at the beginning, shall we?" she says with a smirk, though free of any malice. "Now that you are a formal member of the Adventurer's Guild, we must be sure you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of adventuring. To that end, I have three tasks I wish you to perform."

"Your first task is to visit the aetheryte. This massive crystal stands in the middle of the Aetheryte Plaza not far from the Carline Canopy."
Aetheryte? Sounds related to aether... I better not get ill standing near it. If there's one way to show that you're incapable of something, it's passing out before you even start.
She must have sensed my apprehension, though it seems she mistook it for confusion.
"Aetheryte... It's a device that enables instantaneous transportation. It plays a key role in the life of the ever-wandering adventurer," she explains. Instant transportation... I can't help but wonder if aether can transport you somewhere in your dreams. I chuckle inwardly at the thought.
"You think I'm kidding?" Miounne raises an eyebrow, but continues before I can protest. "Just try touching its surface. A member of the Wood Wailers will provide you with further instruction."
I promptly shut my mouth and nod. Great, more Wood Wailers.

"Is that your weapon of choice?" She motions to the old spear strapped to my back.
"Yes... or, at least I hope it to be. I know how to... stab rabbits." I reply sheepishly. I sure hope we aren't expected to have prior training.
"Alright. For your second task, you are to visit the Lancers' Guild. There's no better way to learn the arts of the polearm. Speak with Jillian, and she will explain the benefits of joining the guild."
I rub my hands together in anticipation. Could Jillian be a dragoon? To learn from the best... that would put me on the fast track to fulfilling what I had promised to do all those years ago... The goal that brought me here in the first place.
Miounne cuts my thoughts short.
"For your third task and final task, I would have you visit the markets at the heart of Old Gridania's commercial district. There you shall find armor and weapons, and all the various items that an adventurer might need on her travels." She reaches into her pocket, and places a few dozen gil on the counter. "This is a little something to help you out. I expect you to return the favor someday to one who has less experience than yourself," she says with a smile.
I can barely believe it, but I happily grasp the gil in my hands and grin widely.

"Thank you so much, I can definitely buy something with this. I spent nearly all of my gil getting here..." I say excitedly, tucking the coins into my pocket.
"Before you go, there's one more thing... There's more to the markets than buying and selling goods. Speak with Parsemontret, and listen well to his counsel," she advises me. "The master merchant can be... uncooperative at times, so be sure to offer him one of my famous eel pies." Miounne raises her eyebrow with amusement. "Like so many men, he is MUCH more charitable when his stomach is full. Here, I made a batch not too long ago."
She bends down to grab something behind the counter, and hands me a box wrapped in brown paper and tied twine. I can smell the delicious scent of seafood through the wrapping and my mouth begins to salivate... No, this isn't for you, Skyla! Don't even think about it!

"You have your tasks, Skyla," she says, somewhat skeptical. Oh yikes, she caught me drooling over the pie... Time to snap out of it.
I nod and smile, acknowledging her statement. I turn to leave, and she leaves me with one last word...

"May Nophica guide your path... and should you happen to come across any citizens in need, don't be afraid to proffer a helping hand!"
Don't worry, Miounne... I will. If I'm to achieve what I've set out to accomplish, I need all the experience I can get.

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