Monday, March 11, 2013

        Testing Something New...

A Brief Update

I'm Teaching Myself HTML!

I'm hoping that by learning to code I can help Maddie out with her blog. Plus it's always good to try to learn something new. So far I've been teaching myself simple things: formatting, body elements, and the basics. I'm feeling pretty accomplished at the moment so I thought I'd test out what I learned today.


I've Been Away for a While

Last semester I studied abroad in Beijing, China. Overall it was an amazing experience. I returned to the States a few days before Christmas. Since then I've been working on a few other projects and continuing my studies, needless to say I've been busy. Sometime soon I'll try to publish a post about my experiences in China. I've got tons of pictures and a few stories to tell. Right off the bat I want to recommend that if you ever have an opportunity to travel abroad, take it. The world is worth seeing. Well I think I've practiced my code enough for now. 再见


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